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Organization and holding children's holiday

tips and answers

Council 1. If you are planning to soon celebrate the birth of a child, do not dispose already beautiful glossy magazines, boxes from under sweets.They will come in handy for organizing a children's holiday.This material can be made beautiful original decorations and props for the games.Let's start with "invitations".It is possible to brightly colored cardboard pasted pictures from magazines with images of flowers, delicious food, festively dressed people.Even more interesting, if the invitations are different - each guest will get his.Home - enter the name, when and where will be a holiday.

Council 2. Decorating can be not only flat but also entrance.Do not hesitate to uvesit staircase bright balloons, posters "Welcome!", "The guests are welcome!".And at the entrance to hand out holiday caps, hats.They can be made from a sheet of thick glossy magazine, and the edge of the cap to decorate the fringe of colored paper.Just do not forget to post-holiday clean up in the entrance

.And the neighbors are different ...

Council 3. appreciate children as a leading holiday fun too dressed clown, for example.Well, if it is the child's father or one of the older children, close friends, or adults.At the entrance to the master can guessing riddles logged pronounce tongue twisters and ask for the password.That's ridiculous examples of "slovovyrazheny»:

• Go beavers, otters kind.

• cuckoo cuckoo bought a hood, put cuckoo hood in the hood it is ridiculous.

• Four little black imp chumazenkih traced in black ink drawing of an extremely pure.

Council 4. Following an introductory presentation is already possible to invite children to the table.Well, if someone who will serve meals, such as mother, is wearing a chef.Cook cap and lace apron made her the heroine of a fairy-tale!

Council 5. Do not overfeed the kids!Do not make ready too many dishes.Overfed children - sleepy children.A children's holiday should be fun and moving.To store!

Variety menu

menu should be varied, tasty, attractive.But it is not abundant.When planning a children's menu acts inconsistent rule: bigger is better, but less.More - in the number of meals, smaller - the size of servings.Women will not give advice - the mistress herself knows what to cook.But give some original recipes fathers, brothers or sisters if they are responsible for organizing and conducting children's holiday:

Snack "Magic balls."In a dish of canned pineapple slices spread out on a circle ball, made from the following mass.Baton should be cut into cubes and fry.Then smoked chicken breast cut into cubes and mix with grated cheese.After the mayonnaise and mix well.In the final slap balls and arrange on prepared pineapple.Openwork decorate with greenery.

Hot dish "Sorochyi nest."Require: potatoes, minced meat and grated cheese.On a baking sheet must expand halves peeled potatoes, remove them Seredka.Then you have to put in the notch ground beef and sprinkle with grated cheese mixed with mayonnaise.Bake in the oven.On the first dish we recommend expanded greens, and over - the potato.

Make funny sandwiches with bread, cheese, butter and sausage.Also on the table must be fruit.They are not only tasty and fortified, and promote digestion.When the children will eat a hot, be sure to play.And then - a birthday cake, for example, ice cream, decorated with nuts, syrup and marmalade.

Cake "Hedgehog."A pack of butter is necessary to melt in a bowl over low heat.Add to 500g toffee candy, they also need to melt.Now, a large stack of corn sticks (100 g), pour in the melted mass.Thoroughly mix and spread on a dish.When the mass has cooled, shape of her cute "hedgehog."Needles can be made from peanuts.The eyes, nose and mouth - from sweets such as "raisins in chocolate."And to solidify in the refrigerator.

Fun Games

No children's party games - the same as the New Year without a Christmas tree.That game will leave a good impression in the memory of the holiday for many weeks.Or maybe - and years.Try to make the celebration a vivid and memorable.And we have proven we prompt interesting games:

game, "I - Masha."Divide the children into two teams.We determine the distance and put a scarf on a chair and an apron - and so two sets.It is necessary to reach the chair, put on an apron and scarf, then said loudly, "I - Masha!", It all off and run back to their team.The winner is the team that will manage.

Game "Who is the greatest."It is necessary to come up with as many synonyms to verbs.For example, the verb "eat" can choose synonymous "burst", "cracking", "tuck".It is like a game "in town."However, children in the names of the cities are not yet strong.For adults, this game seems too easy - like crossword puzzles.But the children play it with pleasure - it promotes the development and communication.

Game "Writers".We must come up with a story where all the words beginning with the same letter.Select two teams, and who will come up with a story long, it is the winner.For example: Olga nibbled cucumber, lonely retreat from the rest.Adults are not allowed to suggest!Game-like competition creatively gifted children.

Game "pantomime".It's funny, when the children something to portray.You can write job, add these little notes in his hat, then turns and get to represent written.Here are some interesting examples to follow: the violinist, whose forehead crawls fly;trumpeter, whose pants fall down;pianist, whose sudden stomach ache;the accordionist who has gum stuck to the shoe;guitarist, whose back is itching terribly.Hopefully, your imagination is not limited.

Game "loaf."Be sure to play this classic game.Everyone stands in a circle and sing "as a machine (any name) name day we baked loaf.Here is a width (width of show hands), here is a dinner (show), here is a height of (show), here is a nizhiny (all squat).Loaf, loaf, whom you want - choose! "Birthday boy replies:" I love, of course, all but the most Sasha! "Sasha stands in the center of a round dance with the birthday boy.And it is possible to complicate the game and have the children dance to drive like a lunatic;or on one leg;or old people.Will be fun!

Council final: when the holiday is over, give all children a souvenir balloons!Well, if the organization and conduct of the holidays you take advantage of our tips.However, it is not necessary to copy them completely - you yourself can come up with something original and very interesting!

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