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Symbols of good luck Feng Shui

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If you clearly see that good luck is not enough, today we will discuss with you the various symbols of good luck Feng Shui.Well, let's start.

immediately say that the characters are real.Those who have tried to use them will be able to confirm with confidence.Some characters just produce energy that attracts magnetic properties different situations and events.

abilities of each character ar

e determined not only by its form, but also content, which may consist of a physical object, and from the power of our consciousness, that is, the idea that people put into it, because these are symbols of good luck.

you must already know that the Chinese culture is very rich in symbols, which are designed to safeguard the well-being of a person.And, given the fact that the history of Chinese culture more than one thousand years, on the basis of this, the characters in Feng Shui can be regarded as the most effective.So, now let's get down to business.

Let's start with the vessels.Which is known to attract money, that is - wealth.There is one character that is considered the most effective - "vessel wealth."It is a physical object - a vessel that needs to be filled with various objects.Moreover, the vessel must be made of any of the precious metal (gold, copper, silver, bronze).If it is not possible to use a vessel made of metal, and then can be used ceramic or crystal.But remember, this is in any case should not be glass or plastic!It is a strict rule-exception.As for the shape of our vessel, it shall be rounded up or squat.That is, to remind pumpkin topped.In such vessels, and stored divine nectar.The neck portion should be broad enough but not larger in diameter than the middle.It is believed that such cup is easily put, but difficult to remove.When you still find a suitable vessel, you will need to fill it added, that is, until the edges themselves.If you want to be richer, get a few of these vessels - it is not prohibited.

You should be aware that the vessel necessarily have to be the three most important object, without which it will not work!So:

1. Come to visit the richest your friend and ask him to give you a twig of a plant, or a handful of earth.But stealing is not necessary, because in this case nothing happens.

2. you need to find nine Chinese coins, which is present inside the hole.Permeated through their red tape and make allegedly beads.When put this link in a red bag or sachet.

3. There's real money to be present, which will be a total of 988 units.For example, you can put in there nine dollars and 88 cents, and so on. N. Money is also needed to put in a red bag, or in a bag.

When you find and prepare these three ingredients, you just have to put these bags in a container.But remember, these small bags are not able to fill the vessel, because you need to fill it more than something else.The ideal option would be semi-precious stones.The more they will be in the vessel - the better.As such, you can use stones: coral, carnelian, topaz, turquoise, crystal, agate, amethyst and so on. N. And it is not necessary to put the stones, it can be and jewelry that contain these stones.If you do not know what the stones are in your jewelry, then do simple - just pour into a vessel all her jewelry, as long as they have enough.Do not forget about gold.It must also be present in the vessel, though in small quantities.There is one point, or rather it is a symbol of good luck, which is desirable to put in a vessel.These are small figurines depicting two elephants, two horses, two fish and a lotus flower.In this vessel, in its center, it is advisable to put a small bowl.There is very little vases, do not worry because you need not difficult to find.

As a symbol of the sky, then there is still quite difficult, because it is difficult, or where to find.But do not despair, you can do it yourself.Draw the symbol and also put in a vessel.If, however, a difficult Arts, you can take a small piece of the roof, which will symbolize the vault of heaven.

But that's not all.The bowl must be located at a position s location.It is best to place it in the bedroom.And there it is necessary to place it so that the owner could look at her continually falling.Do not put it in those places where there may be strangers, otherwise guests will "stick to his nose," and then, exhausted vase and become unfit for use.Yes, the vase will have to spend a lot of money, but the money never comes without upfront costs.

Now a little talk fairly well-known character."The ship sails" - a very common symbol of business success, wealth, prosperity.The ship must be loaded with gold bullion, precious stones and various coins.

When you buy a vehicle, it is desirable that it was a sailboat as it itself is a good symbol.Another important point - look at the model of the ship.It is desirable that the ship was successful.Now, if you see the Titanic, then, of course, take it not worth it - a symbol of what your business will sink.You will need to load the gold bought a sailboat, or just coins and banknotes.Sailfish are best positioned close to the front door, but his nose should be directed inward to the ship bore wealth into your home.

Well, that's all.We have just dismantled the two main symbols of success in Feng Shui.Follow all our advice to these characters really act and not simply be "superfluous" decoration in your home.Good luck and success!

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