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The most powerful talisman for love feng shui

especially popular mascot of feng shui.The objectives of this ancient science, are aimed at improving your life, to the development of harmonious relations, to attract good luck and love.Mascots are your aspirations to your self-expression.In the life of every love it plays a huge role!We dream of a beautiful love big, we want to love and be loved, to live together with your loved one a long happy life.In the science of Feng Shuya, love also assigned one of the most important roles.Feng Shui says that love brings to life the harmony and positive energy, positive impact on all spheres of human activity.Specialists of feng shui believe that love and romantic atmosphere in the house and you must attach great importance.So, try to figure out what techniques of Feng Shui should be applied, which would attract into your life with love.Feng Shui offers a variety of techniques and recommendations to attract love.Among the most effective methods include a variety of special symbols and souvenirs that will stre

ngthen the tide of positive energy, create an atmosphere of love and romance.These charms are widely represented in the form of figures, pictures, decorations, interior items, which are used in feng Shuya.What is the most powerful talisman for love feng shui?

strongest love talisman in Feng Shui is considered to be a picture of peonies.Lonely girl, wants to marry should be placed a picture of peonies, and even better for yourself at the entrance to the bedroom peonies.Husbands married ladies, this talisman will make a loving, but can cause and the fact that faithful begin to look at the side, so the ideal option would be painting with peonies placed in the living room.The best symbol of love crystals are also considered.Success and happiness in a romantic relationship, bring the crystals placed in a corner, south-western part of the bedroom.Before that, the crystal must be "clear" by placing it for a week in the water with sea salt.Highlight Crystal, if you want to be the man that spoke of his love.Paired characters are union of the male and female.Mandarin ducks frolicking fish, or a pair of tracks - the character of the Buddha, are the brightest pair symbol of Feng Shui.However welcome any characters symbolizing love for you - figure men and women, swans, pigeons and other images.The main thing that there were two, and different genders.

also need to know and understand where best to place talismans of love, to achieve maximum harmony and happiness.Zone of love in Feng Shuya is a south-western part of the house (or room).Therefore, the respective symbols and mascots necessary to have in this zone.In addition, to enable this area to help decorative pillows, double candlesticks and pictures depicting happy couples in love.The signs and symbols, concentrated positive energy provides charitable impact on its owner.In order to maximize the mascot helped implement the necessary desire, it is important to invest in it the spiritual power of miracles.During this ritual, you need to close your eyes, relax and imagine your goal and mentally try to send it to the talisman, "charge" it.The first week of the mascot is better not to leave.Darkening, discoloration mascot, shows the results of the problems of its owner.Talisman is not recommended to give into the hands of strangers, and if you use it for selfish purposes, the mascot loses its "efficiency."In addition to these mascots, saturated with positive energy, and other items capable of feng shui, can eliminate the negative, reviving the energy of love.Windchimes, vases with a wide base and narrow neck, Chinese red lanterns are also "strong" symbols of love and harmony.It is important not only to surround yourself with positive energy and signs of love and harmony in the first place must be present in man, only a reliable assistant in love on full power.What else do you need, what feng shui is to the benefit of your love?Love Sector (south-western part of the house or rooms) should always be clean and bright.Letting love to be the old objects and things that belong to other people, or your former partner.If you are in search of their dreams, start a gradual activation of this zone.Try to visualize the man of her dreams, consider what will your relationship, you are ready for the sake of his love, what will your novel.Well, if you find yourself the object or symbol that reflects your attitude.For example, a good symbol can serve as a frame of romance, relationships heroes who inspire you.

is known color elements of earth - yellow and brown, shades of terra cotta.You can create an interior room in beige and earthy tones.Experts in the field of Feng Shui recommends to put in the allotted "corner of love", a small cup of water, the bottom of which is dotted with beautiful stones or metal rings and balls of stainless steel.On the surface of the water a beautiful place flowers and candles.The bowl is the symbol of all the elements of feng shui - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Air.Maintain the water, flowers and candles in the freshness and purity.

Today, thanks to the unique science of Feng Shui, you can change your life, making it exactly the way it appears in your ideal representation.Among the many mascots Feng Shui, you can easily choose the ones that you associate with happiness in love relationships.These images, objects and characters create a certain atmosphere in your home, the mood in a positive way, make your life more sensual and romantic.Select items, relying on their intuition, it will enrich not only your outer space, but inner, which is the main link to the life full of love and harmony.