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Simple ideas for parties

If dullness and monotony of the traditional get-togethers at the table for you, you can seek advice from a professional party organizers, and then any meeting or celebration will become a truly unforgettable show.

Festival itself does not happen, it is necessary to create an atmosphere and expertly maintained.Below are several variants of ordinary party, but we must remember that only depends on you for them and development.You can just come up with the right surroundings and the image or to comply with it until the end.

1. Costume pm

In our time, in the presence of numerous rental stations it is quite easy to do.At the same time no one forbids you to create the right suit yourself, that is your own hands.


- retro evening - select the desired time period (30s, 50s, 90s), select appropriate costumes and, of course, do not forget to behave properly.Conversations on topics relevant to the time, using words and phrases that were then in vogue.
- invites Sojuzmultfilm - there needed costu

mes of your favorite heroes and their demeanor, favorite phrases - that's all you need.
- with greetings from Hollywood - here everyone can become a super hero or, for example, the "fifth element".Main greater artistry and forth - Oscar awaits!

2. Theme nights

Of course, they also need some training, but the result is worth it.You will be able to spend an evening is not only pleasant, but also with the obvious advantage:


- evening of poetry - will need to choose one poet or let everyone choose "their" and throughout the evening, read their poems.You can memorize, can be the source, the main thing that occurred verses you like.And then discuss them.Surely you did not assume that poetry could be so interesting.
- what, where, when?- For those who always argue who is the smartest.Through intellectual games can be perfectly honest and find out once and for all.
- Evening outstanding personality - "select the" extraordinary personality and a certain evening to build their familiarity with his or her life.Discuss his or her way of life, behavior, benefit or harm to the public.

3. Evenings cuisine

Without food, of course, does not do any one meeting with friends.To avoid platitudes here, try to vary the menu.Ideas for such parties contains any good cookbook.


- fish day - speaks for itself.This is when a lot of dishes on the table from all kinds of fish, cooked in different ways.Such a dinner for a long time to replenish stocks of phosphorus in the body of your friends.
- cuisine - you can choose any (Italian, Japanese, Ukrainian).Try dishes and discuss their strengths and weaknesses.
- themed menu - a soldier, a prison, children and so on.Sometimes it is interesting to feel as forced "gourmet" because 100% increase love for their own cooking.

4. Color pm

main rule of the party - a strict dress code.Those who are not dressed in the norm, can not be present.Although in extreme cases, can appoint his duty in the kitchen.There are several variations of such parties.


- light - suit your must contain three obvious colors - red, yellow, green.The conversation will go about the history of the appearance, the device and the meaning of a traffic light.
- flag - choose one country, everyone can "own" and let guests enter in at the chosen color of the national flag.After, of course, everyone will want to tell all those present value of a color flag.
- monochrome evening - you can choose any dominant color - red, black, white (or whatever) and get all the guests will certainly be there.Talking is permitted about all that is the same color.

5. Evening crafts

Remember how long have you been doing something with his hands.No account is taken only what is of value in the artistic sense, or her claims.For a long time, or ever did?Then the supply of essential material for parties and forth.


- application - it can be both defined and free theme.Material can also choose the same or different - it does not matter.The main thing that you create a masterpiece, and doing it in front of everyone.
- sculpture - a simpler version - clay, more complex - a special clay or plaster.Sculpt can themselves each other anything, it would only seem a little bit.
- crafts - you can collect all the things that seem useless to you, and try to create this something original.If the wave of courage you get, you can continue in the same spirit in everyday life.

course, the list of activities you can continue adding points in any of the "categories".In a fit of your imagination can run wild so that you will miss only the holidays and weekends!Can each of the parties to hold a competition - the best picture, best costume, and so on. D. No more than it would give the winner an honorary diploma "your club" and a souvenir.In general, use simple ideas for a party and make your vacation interesting is not so difficult.You just have to want and a little hard work.