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How to spend Valentine's Day children

At an early age, children have a sense of simple-hearted, do not hesitate to take care of the subject of his sympathy.Therefore, the feast of St. Valentine, for them, too, as important as it is for adults.

course, kids love to show their independence, which should be creditable by parents.But to organize yourself a holiday Valentine them will be extremely difficult.Therefore, we give a few tips for adults how to spend Valentine's Day children in school.

Creating a festive mood.

this day, have historically, that all lovers are sending each other greeting cards with wishes of love - "valentines."Do not miss this tradition in school.Make a mailbox and attach it in the lobby.This can be a simple box, obvёrnutaya colored paper or specially manufactured mailbox in the form of a huge red heart.By the way you can prepare, together with the students in the classroom work.The holiday let children dipped into their inbox "valentines" with declarations and wishes.At the same time they are not required to sign,

so shy person may remain in the status of incognito.It is likely that not all will have the expected card, so you can put on the bottom of a piggy bank for each child congratulations from "Valentine," so no one will be deprived of attention and resentful.Experience shows that such a beginning of the holiday will provide a good mood and suspense waiting indiscriminately holiday mail.

But the real Valentine's Day, can not pass without a celebratory concert, but the thing to remember is that the school should not be a celebration to grow into a club party.Sure, will sing, dance and talented high school students, but most importantly your job - to give the opportunity to take part in the festival for all children.Therefore, it is appropriate to hold a contest.On the feast of St. Valentine, the children need to come up with such contests, so they created an atmosphere of celebration, and in any case were not vulgar.You can not overlook the probability that a team has a shy children, and also personal likes and dislikes.Here are some interesting competitive games that you can spend Valentine's Day at school parties.

Declaration of love ... without words.

Leading participants said the rules "do not always have adequate words to express the volumetric and bright all your feelings to your loved one.Then we begin to actively use the language of facial expressions and gestures, thus creating a complete picture of the transferred sense - and in some cases, it is our actions and gestures can convey more feelings than just words. "Explain the rules, leading deals each player one card with the job.They should be written excerpts from poems and songs, proverbs on the main theme of the festival taking place - love.Participants, in turn, must gestures without having to use words to show what is written on a card, the task is to guess the rest.The game is very similar to the game "Crocodile", the winners very difficult to determine, but it is very uplifting and it can be offered in the early evening that would set the overall tone of the holiday.

cupid arrows.

Another great game that you can spend Valentine's Day celebration at the school.To conduct the game, it is necessary to attach the target to the wall and which is glued in the middle of the heart average.Each participant receives three darts.Before the start, the master must again explain the rules of the game: "The heart pierced by Cupid's arrows - ancient symbol of love.We need to get into the holiday symbol on the target, thus attracted the attention of Prince Charming or Princess delightful.Most ladies will get apt title of "knight's main delinquents want Hearts" and the best arrow boys - will be knighting. "Each player can use only three attempts to get into the center of the target - to pierce the heart of the arrow of Cupid.

Admit his beloved.

For this game you need a small number of children (4-5).The game is very interesting and entertaining, but if it will involve a lot of guys, it too will be delayed, and will soon get bored.To begin with each participant issued by one mirror.The task involved the child - looking in the mirror with an expression to make himself ten compliment.But the main condition of competition - it is impossible to repeat the spoken word and had to laugh.While the players say to themselves in turn compliments the other guys, too, do not remain without employment.They need to shoot them down, try to laugh with their complements, complicate the task of the main participants - remain serious.Wins the one who could say all ten complement, while not confusing, do not laugh and do not repeat.

Merry heart.

symbolic game celebration on February 14 will be the next game.For this competition you must divide all the guys for a few teams.Approximately 3-4.For this game will also need details.In the full-size drawing paper, draw a large heart, and paint the cut them.Number of hearts, must match the number of teams.In addition, prepare a lot of little hearts.The task of each team - to obtain a large heart to put a happy little face (eyes, nose, smile, and so on. D.).The task runs for 5 minutes.Then the facilitator summarizes the results and determine the happiest heart.

At the end of the evening, as if summing up, disassemble the mailbox that was full all day.In the greatest number received valentines can be determined by the valence and Valentine holiday love.

Here is a list of classes and contests that you can spend on Valentine's Day in schools with children.

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