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Making homemade puppet theater


children first performances better to play with adults to learn some practical nuances.Initially, you can start with interactive games.As the decorations come down quite a large cardboard box.From it, you can make anything: car, kennel, house with windows.Armed with scissors, markers, foil, wrapping paper and with children, create the scenery.Even a two-year toddler cope well with certain roles.For example, it is - a puppy and mother - an adult dog.You can bark like a dog to give each other names, to get into the booth, to dine there.Free fantasy!Children, especially small, will be immensely happy.On the one hand will play a mini-painted roles.And on the other - more understandable for kids role-playing game.


Children with finger puppets can be ready in a year or two.Wood or fabric, the whole action figures, or just the head - a great choice.Finger puppets baby should sit tight grip.Plots puppet show does not have to be complicated.Let the kids play while working differe

nt pairs of fingers, alternating hands and working them simultaneously.In addition to the development of fine motor skills are developing and creative abilities.Puppetry can be organized everywhere: at home, on the street, on the road.

dolls gloves

Bibabo (doll-glove) is very popular with older children.Since more difficult to manage.Kids just include game is not worth it, they may be frightened.Let look at the mini-performance with puppets Glove first as spectators.Then engage them in dialogue with fantastic heroes, gradually moving to a tactile contact.And when the child learn and understand that these dolls interesting and somewhat "live", you can try on and on hand.Some designs dolls gloves allow you to open your mouth.Kids from such heroes especially delighted!By the way, home theater helps teach rhymes faster.

dolls gloves for adults are not suitable for children - apart from their large heavy head.The child will be difficult to perform the movement, and the more open your mouth.It is necessary to sew or buy special baby dolls gloves.Make them easy and without patterns.


scenery to your home to do puppet theater fun with the children.Do not hesitate to involve them in the creative physical work.Home puppet theater, made by hand, will be doubly appreciated.

Any puppet theater need a screen.Ask the children to put in the middle chair with a back and throw on her veil - screen ready!As the scenes come down on the floor decomposed bright tablecloth.Up to top performance will bell or rattle.You can attract the best and latest technology - from mobile phone ringtone.Do not forget the additional decoration: made of cardboard and paper, you can build houses, cut trees, bends scarf will mark brook.It is important to hand to the decorations and put the notion of children with adults.This will strengthen the relationship of trust.

Shadow Theatre

Who in childhood did not like with friends and girlfriends play shadow theater?Cunning way folded hands create shadows dogs, dragons, spiders, butterflies and other characters.There is even a whole direction of art.But complex shapes afford older children.With the kids you can play easier.For example, turn off the lights in the room, leaving a burning torch or table lamp.Against the backdrop of the illuminated wall and the kids themselves are able to represent the horns on his head, fluttering fingers and all that they take into your head.

For children from six years can organize a Chinese shadow theater.From flat cardboard cut different profile figures and mounted on a wooden stick.Moving parts figurines (arms, legs, wings, and so on. D.) Are cut separately and attached to the body on the strings.Other strings attached to Palchikov or sticks - for them it is possible to pull, creating the illusion of movement.By placing the design between the lamp and the wall, you can play funny performances.

What is the charm of shadow theater, it's in the mysterious atmosphere that impressionable children adore, and improvisation.These productions do not necessarily think through scenarios.Children quickly sort out what's what, and play staging interesting adults.Here you can show knowledge and fairy tales, fables, poems.The climax of the play will be colored light, which again can be trusted with children.The musical accompaniment is also welcome.

Theatre in adults

When creating productions with one or two children are complicated performances tedious.One-act production - the most it.If the home theater "infect" the children of friends, neighbor kids, detsadovsaya group, then you can wipe the real theater.For example, to distribute among children prior to the preparation of the performance obligations of the illuminator, make-up artist, sound engineer, artist, director, playwright.And of course, as the actors.Before the next performance obligations can be changed.But there are children who like only certain work.For example, a girl like all the make up, but does not want to be lighter.Why make?Maybe in the future children's hobby becomes profession!

currently theater also need applets, tickets, posters - they create no less exciting.A selection of soundtrack than not a hobby?It turns out that in addition to acting skills of children involved and other talents.

Important details

Do not just send children into battle - to the stage.No less beneficial to the child felt as a spectator.Produced perseverance, visual attention.He is learning to form your own opinion: I like it - do not like fun - sadly, and even scary.

To start Dramatize familiar tale with repetitive phrases.It is remarkable, "Repka", "The Mansion", "Gingerbread Man" and others.The child probably will repeat them together with the actors, sharing heroes.After a couple of performances as spectators, children can already give small roles with familiar phrases.Further more.The child may be asked to speak the "language" of puppet characters, simulate different tone from the bass to squeak midge wolf.And here in front of us - the actor!