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Games for girls birthday

Games for girls

Wearing costumes. If done correctly, dressing up in different outfits will be an exhilarating experience at the birthday party for girls.If the evening to ask a certain style, you can make a girl dressed up in accordance with this style, you can let the girls play excerpts from various movies.The more suits will be shown, the more interesting it will be held a party and the more fun.If you gather teenage girls, they may want to do and make-up.

Playing imagination. should prepare in advance a variety of products: sausage, vegetables, cheese, fruit, eggs (boiled), sausage, peppers, peas, greens and others. Because of all this variety, along with the children can do anything - everything is limited only by the imagination of children:Crocodile obtained from cucumber;Sausage and matches help appear funny taxis and so on. The children also would be happy to make a variety of crafts, then with no less joy they will eat, and rested mother can do dessert.

Duration phrase. One of the participants must be the master.He wrote the first sentence, but other participants should see only the last word.The next person on the basis of the last word, the text should continue.Upon completion of reading the whole text, and usually it causes a storm of laughter.

Portrait birthday. The sheet of paper should be done two slots designed for the hands.Each participant takes a sheet and put his hands in the slot, paints a portrait of hero for the day without looking.Those who get the most plausible portrait or successful, is the winner.

fill the glass.Participation take two people.On two chairs need to put a bowl of water and two spoons.At some distance should be put two chairs, which will stand empty glasses (one on each chair).The winner is the first one to fill the empty glass.

play with spoons. Two are in the teeth give a spoonful of potatoes or oranges.The objective of each player - a spoon to drop the potato or orange enemy is not to drop your (hands tied behind the participants).

Wrap gift. All are divided into two teams of two players each output.Two people from each team communicate with each other (with one hand), and remains free both hands must be wrapped bundle: it is necessary to tie a ribbon and tie a bow.Whose couple cope quickly - get points for the team.

Option "broken telephone". This game is a variant of the well-known and popular among children game "broken telephone".The principle of the game is that the players of each team are in the back of each other.It is desirable that each team have at least four people.Before the first participants put a clean sheet and a pen.The master is coming to the last player in the columns one by one and show them a prepared image.The purpose of each of these two - to draw on his back standing in front of a picture that showed lead.The one whose back painted must understand what it portrayed on the back and realizing it should try to draw on the back of the participant standing in front.This continues until the first player in the column - it should draw on the final version of the piece.The winner is the team whose drawing on a sheet will be at least from a distance resemble the original.

«Crocodile." All participants should be divided into 2 teams.First team must come up with a word, and then tell it to one of the members of the second team.The task of the selected player - show hidden word, if he can not make sounds, he should depict facial expressions, gestures, plastic.The team's task - to guess the hidden word.After the team guess the word, the roles are reversed and it should guessing the word.

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