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Fancy a summer resort

lovers relaxing pastime, besides not wanting to just relax, but also to improve their health, perfect resort Vrnjacka Banja - the most famous and popular spa resort summer holiday in Serbia.The place is amazing and unusual, especially the fact that it then has a mineral spring whose water temperature is equal to exactly 36, 6 degrees.And it is not just a drink - it floats!On the territory of the sanatorium complex "Mercury" has two swimming pools with mineral water.In addition to this source, which is called the warm water, in Vrnjacka Banja there are five, also mineral - White, Izvor, Jezero, Sneznik and Slatina.The nearby Mount Goc - a place for skiing in the winter.In summer, Vrnjacka Banja one of the cultural centers of Serbia - literary evenings are held here in the library, film festival scenarios, concerts of classical music and a carnival.

Those who want a more active holiday, it may be advisable to go to the sea cruise on a sailing yacht.The wide blue in the horizon, when it is not clear w

here the sea begins and ends with the sky, the opportunity to swim in the heart of salt water, fresh air flows, the striker's face, fishing directly from the moving ship ....You have not offended?And so that your vacation is even more memorable, windsurfing.And do not think that such a journey - the gap between the benefits of civilization.Modern yachts are such that provide maximum comfort to its passengers, along with unlimited romance.And do not forget that you can always go ashore for sightseeing the place where you happen to try the local cuisine and discover the charming natives.

Another example of unusual destinations can serve Montenegro , a small country that is snipped off a piece of the mountain straight from heaven.Do not believe me?Then go there and see for yourself.Small towns with toy houses, an old fortress in Budva, small streets, the beautiful sea, beaches, including those of black volcanic sand, but also churches and monasteries.In addition, there is the world's second largest canyon of the river Tara, second only to the canyon of the Colorado River in the United States.The river is so clean that you can drink it without further purification.Currently, the Tara river canyon gathers those who love adventure and leisure.Rafting and canoeing on Tara with its 50 rapids will remain in your memory.

legs or planes can bring you Thailand - the country of thousands of temples and smiles.In its capital, Bangkok, there are around 300 temples, and one of the oldest and most famous temples is the Temple of the Reclining Buddha and the people here are so friendly that you will not notice as they start to smile in response.Rest in the country is so unusual and amazing that you really start to think that they are in fairyland, and once visited here - forget it ever.Holiday in the country - a mystery, no matter where your journey will lead you to - in the jungle or the mango groves in the elephant nursery or a tiger zoo in the garden, where blooming orchids and butterflies, or aquarium.

But those who want to meet with ghosts, it is better to go to Denmark , where organize 4-day excursion to one of the oldest castles in the country - Dragsholm Slot.Not a bad opportunity to plunge into the era of antiquities and feel members of the aristocracy of the time, take a stroll around the castle at night, listening to the rustle of shadows, and suddenly you're lucky, to communicate with the ghost of Earl James Hepburn or unknown lady?

Unusually, you can relax and in Scotland «Roulotte Retreat».Agree, it's quite an interesting experience - to live in a house on wheels, performed in the image of gypsy caravans!This holiday is for those who love not just unusual to spend your vacation, but spend it in nature.All the tents were made by hand from different types of wood and were painted in a variety of bright colors evoke memories of holidays and gypsy camp with his singing and dancing around the campfire.

The above examples are just a drop in the sea of ​​interesting holiday, unusual places are not limited to, first of all, you and your imagination.It would be a desire, and something interesting may find yourself either - whether traveling by train, relax on the beach, down the river in a canoe or a holiday in gypsy caravans.Travel and learn something new, because something unusual to be found anywhere in the world.

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