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What is useful to know, when you go on vacation

So, what is useful to know, when you go on vacation?We begin with the road, and indeed, for your route of travel.Here, in the first place, it is useful to note that the road is one of the most important and neotemnyh accompanying your vacation.If you are traveling on vacation through a travel company - will not be superfluous to ask about health insurance and find out the main routes of the upcoming trip.Also ask whether you want to transplant and where and when it is, what type of vehicle best move.

Remember, always, when you go into the long journey, your body is going through some stress and discomfort.Because of this, you should always keep in mind these unpleasant factors as excessive fatigue, sudden onset of symptoms maritime or air sickness, motion sickness strong (it depends on the type of vehicle).All of this in the first place, it happens because of the disruption of the vestibular apparatus.In such a situation would be effective acupressure or correct deep breathing.By the way, before the tr

ip, the doctors recommend a little "tempered" by riding on the swings and roundabouts.This will help you prepare a little train your vestibular system.

If, for the first time, you go on a trip on a boat or ship, it is necessary to know that you need to choose the cabins that are on the lower deck.This will help a lot easier to move rocking and seasickness.If you are traveling by plane, remember to eat before a flight of 4 hours is recommended.It should be very easy and quick usvaivamye products (cereals, vegetables, fruits).During air travel, your best bet is to abandon the sweet juices, tea and coffee.Change is all pre-prepared you water with citric acid.By the way, that during takeoff and landing to avoid the unpleasant sensation of "pledged ears", chew ordinary gum.And a few words about the flight.Due to the fact that the plane is usually dry air - it will be useful to put on a good face moisturizer.

But in that case, when you decided to go for a vacation by car, try to do every two hours stop for togas to stretch your entire body and legs light gymnastics.When traveling by bus, in this case, will help light massaging hands and feet.

from the road to the climate.We think that is not to say a few words about the sudden change in weather conditions - still did not say anything.So come to the right place where you'll enjoy and your holiday, you need to know about that immediately escape from the room to bask in the sun is not necessary.Try to give your body a chance to adapt and adjust to the new climate conditions.Most of these children feel climate change.To the child's body is completely accustomed to the new environment, you need about two weeks time.So go with the child to leave the best for the month.Children under three years of sharp changes of climate in general are contraindicated.

also substantial climate change may cause aggravation of various chronic diseases: hypertension, cholecystitis, gastritis.So be careful.Plus, remember that the closer to the equator to be your resort, so much more going on ultraviolet radiation.For this reason, try to moderate amounts of sunbathing.

useful to know that the crossings with northern hemisphere yuzhnoyu perceived by our body much better than the western part of the east.This is due to the fact that you do not cross the so-called time zone.Be aware that the greater the time difference between your home town and your place of rest, the more difficult and much longer you will be a process of adaptation.This is especially true, when during the summer is sent to countries where they cool or vice versa.

It is possible that for these reasons, the first day of your holiday you will ever want to sleep, you will whirl away headache, bowel, and even changes in the menstrual cycle.

order adaptation has occurred much faster and unpleasant changes in the general well-being left on the back burner, try as quickly as possible to adjust to the local conditions (day or night).The first days are not overwork your body, abstain from any physical activity.Allow yourself to plain walks in the morning before breakfast and in the evening before bedtime.

way, do not be amiss to recall an exotic food.Not worth it, when you go on vacation, just "sit down" for tasting local culinary delights.Remember that this very unusual food for your stomach and overload it previously tried dishes, it will not benefit.Throughout his tasting exotic culinary recommended to start with small servings.And now for the drink.If you start getting used to the new cooking necessary with small portions, the drink (of course, no alcohol), recommended in a very large number, so that your body does not dehydrate.The best choice for you will be purified mineral water, preferably without gas.

Here we will briefly and share with you the basic and important features that you need to know on holiday, if you choose to spend it on the sunny banks of the famous and popular resorts in the world.Stick them - and your holiday will be the most memorable.Good luck!