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How to keep a slender figure on holiday

  • Water helps to maintain water balance. So drink plenty of water, it will never hurt you.
  • decides to place a lot. Choose Center.Preferably find a hotel there, where you can walk (without transport) to the beach, cafes and shops.Hiking - very good way to work out on vacation.You are in motion, and, moreover, get positive emotions from the contemplation of the surrounding nature, breathe in fresh air - it's not what you go by car.Embark on a tour or sightseeing on foot, through the car window as it will look differently.Outlined lunch or dinner in a restaurant located nearby?A wonderful occasion to walk with a group of friends and discuss with them new experiences.
  • Throughout moderation. But when you can permit himself everything, if not during the holidays?!However, to keep the figure, it is necessary to observe a measure.Dessert will seem even sweeter if ordered less frequently - every two or three days.And, accordingly, taking polportsii - the number of calories is reduced by half!On vac
    ation, we tend to relax and afford something that usually does not dare.After vacation - time pleasures, but do not need to completely let go of the brakes.Poshikovat desire and try something exotic, or just incredibly delicious (usually excluded from the diet, as high-energy) - naturally.In this case, selecting one treat, revise the consumption of another.I love dessert, so not to spoil the slender figure, often over lunch do not eat bread or eat it very little, and I prefer to order a salad instead of fatty and high-calorie snacks.
  • Monitor the use of alcohol and coffee. Alcohol and caffeinated beverages affect dehydration, especially in hot climates.You can not completely give up alcohol - observe the "golden mean": it is not necessary to arrange drinking.Recommended daily consumption of two cups of coffee to limit (or less).And another little secret: after a cocktail or a cup of coffee you should drink a glass of water - it helps to restore the disturbed water balance.
  • Arrange in-room breakfast. eve stock up bananas, yogurt and breakfast in the hotel room.Be sure to start your day with breakfast.Breakfast helps stock up on energy for the day and supports the metabolism.It is easy enough to find, or simply take "snacks in haste" (eg, bagels from wheat flour, bananas, energy bars (no fat), yogurt).In addition, such food stop you from desire to eat heavy, fatty foods with low nutrient content.Try to make your breakfast is the most healthy and useful, although it's hard to resist the buns muffins and croissants, which are often included in the breakfast menu at the hotel.
  • Try to swim longer. when near a beach or pool, be sure to swim several times a day and soak in the sun (but do not overdo it!).Well, if you do not like to swim, then you can just walk along the beach or play beach volleyball.
  • sipped waking up. This "wake up" dormant muscles more, and charge you with energy for the whole day!
  • Eat greens. No, not talking about money - although it would be fun, right?Of course - vegetables!For the appetite before the main course, order a salad of fresh vegetables.Vegetables, undoubtedly our best friends, and a great way to save on holiday health and figure!They are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that regulate the process of assimilation of calories the body.And that's not even to mention the enormous benefits of fiber!
  • Breathe. What can be better than the world and peace of mind?Try to meditate!Conveniently located and inhale deeply.
  • Have fun and enjoy every moment of release. established that laughter burns calories almost as much as playing sports.

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