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What are the ways to spend your summer vacation for free?

way to spend a vacation free

health and beauty
Arrange with your friends and go with them for a picnic.You have a good time and with use.Camping is the perfect replacement monotonous gray weekdays.Home Choose beautiful place, and it would be great, if there would be a pond.

Plan such utter pajama party.To do this, invite close friends to spend the night at your house.Make home a pizza, check out together albums with photos.Prepare plenty of good movies and laugh.

Arrange small spa.Think about what you can do facials at home.From them you get maximum enjoyment, and this will allow you to relax.Your loved ones will notice what you have become pretty, and your compliments only lift your mood.

Communicate with your relatives, including older relatives.They can tell you many interesting stories from his life.Perhaps in the future it is useful to you their experiences.You can create your family tree, look for relatives to 5 or 7 of the tribe, and to record the history of your family.

Engage in fitness with his girlfriend.Scientists have proved that most people often follow their fitness plan when they play sports with friends.By the way if you walk a half to two hours a day, you will notice how your weight will gradually decrease.Arrange

shopping shopping.Many people regularly go to the cheap shops, and you can not imagine what interesting things you can find there.Set your limit of money and go shopping.

Look up any children's film.And try to compare how you perceive this film with his childhood impressions.

Entertainment and hobbies
Learn the culinary arts, and if you have not learned to cook, try to understand the secrets of this cuisine.If you are already the hostess with great experience, you will be able to please your loved ones and practice new dish in the culinary arts.

Think about your career growth.To move up the career ladder think any of this, you do not have enough skills.Start conquest of small peaks and plan your growth.Make summer work for you.

Do not forget about water treatment.Most go to the river, which is near.Water skiing, catamaran sailing, beach volleyball, in short enjoy every minute of your summer vacation.And not to spoil the impression of the rest, do not forget to use protective equipment from the sun.

Imagine that you are a tourist in your own town.Think about what kind of place you would visit?You can in a new way to discover the places that have not visited, or visit the places that you have not seen.At the same time grab a camcorder or camera.

Arrange the day with friends and try on disguises the different outfits.Your images engraved camera.These pictures can not show and keep them a long memory.Use in your computer program Photoshop, so you will master the new skills that will allow you to make funny pictures, and you have fun with all the heart.

Take art.This can be handicrafts (crochet or embroidery), sculpture, painting.

can together with family or friends to go for a bike ride.Suitable and walking tour.It remains only to consider the route of its movement.And you can drive to the selected location and public transport.

romantic nature If you start to watch the stars.This can be done alone, or arrange his favorite romantic date on the balcony, on the roof and watch the stars.If you're lucky, and you will see a falling star, you can make a wish.

you want to know about the enigmatic and mysterious Mayan, see the giant pyramids of Egypt?If there is no money to go on a trip, you can learn in detail about the culture and national characteristics of this country.

gone to the Russian hinterland, you can arrange a great vacation.Walking through the woods the morning to hear the murmur of the stream, the singing of birds.You'll be close to nature and spend their holidays with health benefits, because here the air is much cleaner than in large cities.Bring gear for a hike and a tent.

Arrange a meeting with classmates.Nice to see their former classmates, classmates, because you have not seen them for years.Maybe this meeting will help seal your student or school friendship.

Catching work, you probably do not pay attention to that in the city there are different events.Local newspapers can always find a schedule of various theme nights, musical shows, various exhibitions.For myself, find something interesting, and visit them.You will learn many new things and experience a lot of positive emotions.The price of these activities is not high, and some of them are free.

you have long been at your favorite restaurant?Go and make yourself something that you enjoy and you will be in a good mood is guaranteed.

Now we know what are the ways to spend your summer vacation for free.