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Why for families with children we choose Yevpatoria

Select Yevpatoria
Firstly, in the city easily accessible.The train departs from the Kursk railway station in Moscow and come to Yevpatoria, where he is almost station in the city center.Compared to Anapa, there from the station and to the city need to get another 20-30 minutes.And if you like to fly, you can fly to Simferopol, and then get to Yalta: on the bus, the bus, the train - which is somewhere 50-60 km

Secondly, there are no problems with housing.At the station you will meet people wanting to rent an apartment, a guest room at attractive prices.So there are a lot to choose from.And for those looking for comfortable accommodation, near the station house office where a large selection of private homes, apartments.Accommodation is better to choose in the old town, there is a close and the sea, and the market.In addition, the market an inexpensive and wonderful.Almost all private homes have an outside shower.Yard tightened grape and produced such invigorating coolness.

When housing all issues a

re settled, you run to the sea.In fact, after the stuffy train that could be more beautiful than the sea air is not that you can not breathe, clean golden sand.How wonderful to lie on the hot sand, rather than gravel.This famous and Yevpatoria.

in Yalta are free beaches.Quay in the old town is also free, but then instead of sand concrete steps that descend directly to the water.In the evening, when the heat subsides, it is nice to relax, sea water, warmed up for the day, it is as fresh milk.

The city is very well developed transport: bus, taxi, tram, buses run frequently, they do not have to wait long at the stops.On the outskirts of Yalta is a new beach, which can be reached by pleasure boats, which is very comfortable and fast.And it is much more interesting and better than to get in a stuffy tram or bus.

In Yalta you will not go hungry.Here at every step there are snack bars, restaurants, cafe.The food is very tasty, large portions.During the holiday season the future chefs of different culinary schools here are practical, hence the service is very fast, and in turn will not have to stand for more than 15 minutes.

you can cook yourself, and in the shops you can buy the same products, which are in Russia.What distinguishes Evpatoria, this delicious bread, fresh and very tasty sausage, dairy and fish dishes, there is a fish plant, meat, dairy, grain mill.For those who have problems with the stomach, there is a dietary dining room.

In a cool day or night in Evpatoria have something to entertain your children, and adults will not be bored here.Choose for families with children Yevpatoria yet because there you can relax, there are plenty of entertainment venues.On the street Tokarev is a zoo and playground.On Shevchenko street in the park Frunze is a children's park of fairy tales.A recently opened dolphinarium in Yevpatoria.On the main avenue is a large entertainment complex «Union», where you can play billiards, bowling.You can also go karting, paintball.The town has a theater and a cinema, which has hosted famous artists.So in Yalta can be cultural entertainment.

If you or the child needs treatment, then it is possible to buy kursovku and in one of the many resorts and sanatoriums for treatment.Yevpatoria is a unique place with a dry climate, there are all conditions to improve their health and relax with any purse.Select this city, and you will never regret.

Now we know why for families with children to choose Evpatoria?And in addition to treatment at the resort you can visit with the kids a lot of entertainment facilities and good cultural break.

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