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What helps and hinders our recreation

Many of us at the word "rest" means only the absence of work.But this does not mean that during the holidays we relax and soul, and body.

What prevents the rest?

What is the "active rest"?A gym and hiking.Until you get to the finish line, you come with a lot of sweat.Perhaps health it will be useful, but hardly after that you will feel relaxed?As the saying goes, leisure, this is an amateur.

first place for "rest" held computers.Simply go to "Skype" or "ICQ".Some of my friends sitting there for days, they are unlikely to work there for days.Hover sites, playing online games, chatting.They simply load your brain information.And, therefore, their brain is not resting.

Others prefer television.Once I came to her friend, her TV was turned on all day, and at times it changes channels, look there is something interesting.A television - is also information.And there is often a negative plan.

Books?Of course, a great way to relax, lie yourself with a book in your hands, read, and again loaded the brain.

Suppose you were called as a holiday guest.Or we have gone to visit.And think how much energy is spent on communication?The man rarely seeks to act as a donor of emotional, rather, he is looking for energy supply.So get ready for the fact that in response to your nagging, your girlfriend will complain about any problems.Or you begin to teach.So sit back and relax you are unlikely to succeed.

And if you have a date with a man, then there always have to be alert and monitor every word and every step, to say and do not do anything wrong.

Sex also a good time, but it's not a vacation.Whatever may be said, most of us are after sex feel like a squeezed lemon, albeit in a positive way.Therefore, it is also not an option.

Likewise, no one will rest and hike to some recreational activities, dances, theater.Or, say, in the casino or bowling.You will have all the time to communicate, control themselves, to follow the action moving.You can get away from it all in many ways a lot of positive emotions, but is unlikely to feel rested.Many

using booze try to relax.But this is only an illusion.Soon everything will return to its place and you will find yourself around the mass of unsolved problems, and in addition a hangover.

holiday - not a solution.When you run out usual activities, you will feel at ease.Others while on vacation digging the beds in the country or plotting repairs in the apartment.You could relax after that?

And if you choose "palm trees, sun and sand"?Maybe buy a ticket and go somewhere on holiday?It would seem perfect for a holiday!However, in this way we will have a lot of strain.Initially, charges will be on the road, then the road, meeting with neighbors, the device at the new location.You will constantly go on trips, organize something, make sure that your child has not sunk into the sea and so on.Maybe you will have to strain your sleep or poor nutrition.Therefore, do not expect a complete rest.

What helps relax?
There are many things.For example, music.Choose the one that you personally like, turn, sit down in a chair or lie down on the sofa.And listen.

Meditation also can be performed to music.Now comes a lot of relaxation techniques.It is advisable to choose a technique itself, that it relaxes the body and mind shut off.To do this for a long time to train or to enroll, but it's worth it.

good result will give nature walks - in the park, the garden, in the woods.Only in solitude, without a dog, without a life partner or a friend.Naturally, in a safe place where there is a path or a comfortable path, which is not dirty.Where you do not have to fear that someone will attack or stick.Of course, we are all different people.It is possible that someone, to relax, you need to go to a concert hard rock or disco.Or take part in the experiment, how to survive in extreme conditions.

Now we know that really helps and hinders our rest.The main thing is that at the end holidays, you felt that they had received a charge of vivacity and really relaxed.And the feeling you are not confused with any other.

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