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How to organize outdoor games outdoors

Outdoor games were popular in ancient times, because no national holiday is complete without a bright performance and various competitions.

What are useful outdoor play?They have a positive effect on health, motor activity, develop a vision, bringing a new sensation, raise the level of discipline and moral qualities.In addition, your health affects hardening of the forces of nature.

And now look at how to correctly organize your own holiday in nature.First, choose a combination of competitions and sports games.Second, you can arrange everything as a fascinating idea.

Requirements territory

often need more space.Be careful, take care of security.

If you like the game, passing on a particular route, a good look at this route.

Can you swim?You can play on the water, but remember that there need special safety rules.

requirements rules

Pay attention to the age composition of the participants and their sports training.Consider the terrain, time of year, weather conditions and other similar fact

ors.Discuss in advance with the participants the rules of a particular game.Organize younger players.Agree on any special signals, talking about the beginning of the game.

very interesting to alter, modify, to complicate the game.

Important: Do not forget the comic awards and certificates.

Outdoor games can be used during outings with family and friends, and at a corporate event.

holiday guests who may not know each other, can meet in the game.

kinds of games

can classify games according to different parameters.

  1. Number of participants:

  • 2 - 3.

Examples: Square (aka soccer in a small area) who will gather coins, boy (Ossetian game).

  • 4 - 6.

Examples: the same square (the area of ​​the game a little more), Train and wagons, Boy with kite Gorynych.

  • than 6.

Examples: potyag passes (10 members), Rhinos, silent operation.

  1. Touching participants:

  • direct contact with an opponent.

Examples: Tug of War, Command Cinderellas, hounds and fox.

  • no direct contact.

Examples: Hold the stick, stilts, Who is the greatest.

  • relay.

Examples: Kangaroo (baton with the ball), Dove (relay with a stick), jumping in sacks.

  1. with, or without:

  • Not required items.

Examples: Hide and Seek, Sulky, Leapfrog.

  • ball.

Examples: beater (bouncers), Beach Volleyball, Defender.

  • ball and not only.

Examples: Tennis balls and tray wells (using sticks and a ball), Russian rounders (use the ball and the bits).

  • sports equipment.

Examples: Diverse relay.Who will drop the hoop (the hoop is used and it is interesting that involved 4 teams), fishermen and fish (use the rope).

  • Containers, tableware and so on. N.

Examples: Playing banks (using a stick and cans), water-carrier (used cups, buckets, water), Baba Yaga (using a bucket, a mop).

  • various items.

Examples: Shooting stick, Chanterelle (used pieces of paper), getting into stone (using stones).

  1. Team:

  • involves all playing at the same time;

Examples: cops and robbers, Circular rounders, Mousetrap.

  • take turns.

Examples: crab (The order of the pairs) Quick banana (one person with a banana, a different approach to it at a time), long jump (one).

  1. not command:

  • with leading and without it.

Examples: Sleigh Bells (no lead), Chur a tree (with leading), Ted (two top).

Important: It is better to build on the complexity of the game.The more game elements, so they are more complicated.


So, you have chosen a suitable game.Take their preparation.Equip and decorate the selected location.Do not forget about inventory.For the routing of the game need a map.If you want to make an interesting idea in advance roles and replicas, prepare the costumes.

Everything is ready?The long-awaited day?Then translate their ideas into reality.

for the games put players in the starting position.If it is a circle, and stand up to it.If this rank, is located on the flank.If the participants are in a column become the side.

Note: Players should not stand against the light.You can also turn to the light or sideways.

explains the rules so:

  1. Announce the name of the game.

  2. Explain that the players have to do and where to be.

  3. Tell rules.

  4. Mark goal.

  5. Repeat basic rules.

now is to conduct a test without winning a game.

  • Select Steering (if required by the rules).This mission may be entrusted to the organizers, but you can give it to one of the players.The choice is made using believes based, or by drawing lots.

  • Part of his players on the team.You can divide all by themselves or fission occurs by algorithm "first - second" (the number of digits depends on the required number of teams).

  • Appointment of Judges, if the games are complex and they involve a lot of people.Judges will keep order and keep counting points.

  • Choice captains.

  • Teams invent names and slogans.

try to characterize and prepare a specific game.Let it be known to all "Streamlet."

  • number of participants - more than 6, or rather indefinitely.

Important: The number of participants odd.

  • Touching participants - direct contact.

  • Items not required.

  • game is not a team without leading.

now state the rationale for playing.

  • This game is called "Streamlet."

  • You must be a column in pairs.Remain overweight people.He will hold someone down the tunnel.

  • Each couple holding hands, lifting them up.It turns out the tunnel.The rest comes in and chooses a mate.The new couple gets to the end of the column.Second, the remaining single, and looking for a partner.

  • purpose of this game - the continuous movement of the brook.

  • repeat rule.Create a column-tunnel.Whoever was left alone, she takes another partner.This is repeated many times.

So, dear readers, we learned how to organize the game for a picnic.Now the choice is yours.Create a program suitable for you and go.Good luck to you and merry picnic!

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