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How to organize a barbecue outdoors

Building site

platform for outdoor recreation, games and barbecue otherwise be called "patio" (Spanish for "the house without a roof").Here you can show full of fantasy in the project plan, but the construction is better left to professionals.We zaymёmsya directly arrangement space for a barbecue.

Pay attention to what you need to consider when choosing a site for the oven.First, put the construction out of different plants.Second, learn the compass rose in their area.Third, if the barbecue will be electric parts, place it as close as possible to the mains.Note also the proximity to the product, container, fuel and water.

site should be smooth, without any bias.Place it close to home, but away from flammable objects.Paul built of paving slabs.Take shelter to cook in the rain.Lay a solid foundation, and then set the oven.

We select furniture

Think, furniture material from which we needed.But first, note that you must take care not only about convenience, but also the safety (eg, fire protectio


  1. Plastics has durability, lightness and a wide variety of shades.If this furniture is cheap, it is, on the contrary, is short-lived.

  2. very beautiful and comfortable wicker furniture, but it can not keep for a long time on the street.Endured such furniture immediately before exercise, t. To. It can be damaged by dew and rain.

  3. wooden furniture made from trees of different varieties can combine wood and iron.By purchasing this piece of furniture, check the quality of its grinding, cracks, screws material (preferably stainless steel).You should also know whether it was treated with an antiseptic.All this affects the service life!

  4. Metal furniture is robust, but heavy.Mitigate the lack of massiveness may supplement other materials.If your piece of furniture is made of cast iron, to enhance the life and prime the paint it.

Choosing barbecue

first think what we need: BBQ, grill or barbecue.Think also important whether the ability to transport the unit.

Plus simplest brazier that it is light and can be moved anywhere.Disadvantages can appear if you have chosen the construction of thin metal.

Also today there were plastic disposable barbecues with a set of tools, but from such a preparation you will not receive the expected experience.Includes tray, metal grille, stand.

better to choose a cast-iron grill, because it will not lead the temperature, and it will never fall apart.Some such devices fit pipe and grate ash pit.Note that such a thing is a stationary device!

portable grill - grill with a metal lid, container podduvalom and legs.Sometimes enamel, stainless steel, cast iron.Choose a reliable cast iron, because the enamel can peel off and become darker steel.

BBQ, which can be transferred is different from a grill that does not have a cover.Notes and Tips also coincide with a grill.

Stationary barbecue - this oven, you can make any style.Such a focus is advantageous in that it has complete set of tools to facilitate your work.Here there is a grill and skewer, and a shelf for wood and board for cutting food.

devices are:

  • Open.These pockets are suitable for placement on your site.But pay attention to the presence of the stove roof or canopy over the pipe.These additions are necessary for protection against sudden rain.

  • closed.These furnaces can be placed in the gazebo because they are equipped with a full chimney.

  • ready for lighting charcoal.Charcoal or coal briquettes are available in all supermarkets.You can also buy a special liquid or solid ignition.

  • for lighting charcoal and firewood.This oven is equipped with a special basket to ignite wood.

  • Folding.You can add and take anywhere.Keep in mind that in many of these devices can only be used already heated coals, or your mate fall apart.To get rid of the error read the instructions carefully.

  • gas or electric.There is no smoke.If you want a taste of the smoke in the dishes, using wood chips.It is also good that the instrument that is suitable for use at any time of the year.

  • round or rectangular.It is important that the round shape allows the device to uniformly warm.However, a rectangular barbecue easier to transport.

Choose safety

  • Meat.Experts recommend cooking lean pork.She is gentle and friendly.

  • marinade.The best is a marinade of wine or beer, t. To. It neutralizes carcinogens itself does not produce them.Especially harmful mayonnaise, yogurt.Adzhika harm people with diseases of the stomach.

  • time soaking.The best option - 1, 5 - 2 hours in an enamel pot, which is placed in the cold.

  • Coal.Choose a birch or oak.Take the package without any damage.We buy coal at Guest (24260-80).

  • substances for ignition.These harmful kindling as well as newsprint.Choose a safe white paper.

  • Distance from coal before meals.Height 25 cm. Will reduce the effects of harmful substances.

  • type barbecue.The best option electric or gas appliance that does not allow for harmful substances.

We prepare the menu for a barbecue in the air

We love to cook all the usual kebabs, but because they have so many names, nationalities, species!Let us try to understand at least some of their secrets!

If you want to give your dish a citrus flavor, sprinkle on the coals necessary zest for 5 minutes until tender.It is possible in the same manner to add various spices.

It is possible to cook in foil, with a wrapper to add spice.

that we can cook?

  • kebabs of lamb, pork, beef, chicken.

Choose meat with fat, because fat stechёt, and the dish will turn out juicy.

interesting to try: Barbecue chicken breast or sausage and cauliflower.Dumplings in the pot, cooked in the oven barbecue.

  • rolls and fillets: cod, salmon, herring, mackerel, red fish.

  • Seafood.

  • Fruits and Vegetables.

interesting to try: Whole tomatoes and eggplant on skewers.Boiled corn on the cob.

  • cheese skewers.

  • different pizzas.

  • Mushrooms.

  • Marinade:

  • Soy sauce with black pepper and lemon juice (for salmon);

note that vegetables and meat have different temperature and cooking time, so they are fried separately.

Good luck to you rest, because you now know how to barbecue!