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Treatment and rest on Baikal

unforgettable fairy-tale atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility provides the moral and physical condition of the person.Lake - this is a great wealth of our country, it is still popularly called "Holy".

man swimming in Lake Baikal, experiencing new sensations.In this lake the water is cold, clean and healthy for the body, and with water can be overcome various diseases.In Lake Baikal, there are thousands of plants, 1/3 of these plants are found only in Lake Baikal, and more of them anywhere, there's more than two hundred thousand different animals.

sanatorium treatment and rest on Baikal has no equal, it helps spa resort "Goryachinsk."Old resort was founded in 1810 and it is located on the eastern coast of Lake Baikal in the forest.In this resort year-round people come there to assist in gynecological diseases and diseases of the digestive tract.Also treat bone diseases, the nervous system.

on Lake Baikal is considered a fashionable holiday destination resort "Electra", where sanitary tre

atment and accommodation is held in a beautiful pine forest, where you will feel like a traveler or a happy man.This sanatorium treated for diseases associated with being overweight.For each person individually and then fit on a survey of the respective prescribed course of treatment.

Many people have a rest on Baikal families, and there choose treatment and rest.Children and adults get a wonderful holiday with quality treatment.Recreation "Shida" prefer a family-friendly "in her family rest remains in the memory.

Base "Shida" is located at the shore of the warm gulf on Lake Baikal.It includes small cozy houses, with beautiful terraces, where you can admire the natural beauty of Lake Baikal and the ideal place to relax.

On Baikal wishing to relax and get a lot of fun await the whole year round.Each season draws on his own, a man who has ever been in the resorts of Lake Baikal, will return there again and again.

Now we know what happens the rest and treatment on Lake Baikal.

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