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How to make an exciting massage for men or women?

What is exciting massage?Tips and tricks

any special massage techniques to excite a man or woman does not have.It all depends on your imagination and flight movements during this pleasant procedure.It is unlikely that your significant other will like it if, after gentle touches you start doing deep rubbing, squeezing and stretching them like dough.This is more appropriate treatments and will obviously superfluous when the exciting massage.

Massage for women and men, exciting

basic tips and advice:

  • smells and atmosphere play a crucial role.Put soft music and arrange aromatherapy candles in the room, where the plan to give pleasure to your loved one;
  • Prepare a towel and a stock of essential oils;
  • hands at tactile contact should be warm;
  • Remember the basic rule of all massage therapists: as soon as you put your hands on the human body, you can not remove them until the end of the session;
  • Choose a comfortable massage place.If there is a special couch, use a mattress in the middle of the room, cover it with beautiful linens.It
    is important that access from all sides;
  • dress nice exciting underwear or proceed to massage without anything at all;
  • exciting massage does not tolerate a bad mood.Try to approach it only in high spirits.

Exciting massages for men and women.

How to stimulating massage for men and women?

If you use the recommendations from the article and how to prepare for the event, then it's time to explain the highlights of the exciting massage.


Do not focus on the standard body rub - it's nice, but, so neither you nor the partner is not excited.Follow the instructions below:

  • first good rub their hands and body butter, if you decide to completely shake off the clothes so interfering.This will give it extra pleasant to the touch of two bodies;
  • Then do the same procedure with the body of a partner, do not forget to touch the private parts and buttocks;
  • exciting massage lasts about 30 minutes, of which 10 are the one who massaged spends on his stomach, the other 20 on the back;
  • Start rubbing down and slow movements rise above;
  • in the implementation of movements to touch the intimate parts of the body, massage them, lick the nipple, touching the skin to the hair a partner.In general, do not limit their expressions of love and desire, especially in the second phase of the session, when the beloved turn over on his back;
  • Forget about fast or abrupt movements, just smooth, gentle stroking, light touch.

Exciting massage for men and women as a remedy in relations

exciting massage for men and women as a remedy in the relationship

pleasure, a prelude to sex - it's all great, but there is one more important detail.Nothing strengthens a marriage or a relationship as such joint evening.If your marriage has cracked, a great glue to fasten it again - stimulating massage, awakening attraction to each other.

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