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Technique intimate massage


massage intimate areas may well turn into a passionate night of love.But to all has passed at the highest level, consider some tips and apply some tricks.

  1. Normally, intimate massage, as a variety of Thai, involves the lungs oral sex or touching hands.Warned in advance man, it does not touch you in the process.As practice shows, this prohibition excites even more.
  2. masseuses who practice professional Thai massage, never touching the man's penis.You, too, follow this advice.The goal - not a quick excitation, and a gradual build-up of fun.In an extreme case, can lightly and casually touch a couple of times a member of the back of his hand.
  3. touch the body can be a partner, not only with his hands.The intimate massage Slight touch of hair or biting.
  4. sure to use essential oils.Most have a stimulative effect cypress oil and orange.
  5. closely watch the reaction partner.Firstly, so you can determine exactly what the partner likes.And secondly, you will be able to accurately determine the moment when it
    is possible to go directly to sex.

Technique exciting massage for men who diversifies your life

for women

Women are very sensitive to touch and gentle massage will appreciate the intimate zones.But it should be done, as in the case of men, very light and gentle movements.

  • This massage involves touching the various erogenous zones.It helps to get a great satisfaction to women who for various reasons can not reach orgasm vaginal way, so a key role for the clitoris
  • Do not immediately start massaging the intimate point.We must start all the same with general massage the whole body, and only then move on to the genitals

Features exciting massage for women

little art

general recommendations may not be enough to make the right intimate massage.Therefore, special attention should be paid to the technique of the meeting.

  1. Use the techniques of classic massage: kneading, rubbing and pressing.But be sure to supplement them with light strokes and touches.
  2. beginning of the procedure should be with the general warm-up, to bring the muscles partner or partner in tone.Alternate classical effects on muscle with erotic elements.For example, a little biting, touching lips, feather or a piece of ice.
  3. Intimate massage begins with chest and back, and then turn it comes to hand, foot and gradually goes to the groin.
  4. main thing is not to miss the moment when a man or woman will be fully ready for the sex that follows a massage.It will not be enough if the caresses, the partner will not be too excited.And if you overdo it, the night of love, too, is unlikely to be successful.
  5. During the massage intimate areas of women in order to bring her to orgasm, you need not stop moving until the last moment, but after getting pleasure need a few more minutes to continue gently massaging the private parts.

Approach and intimate massage technique, features of performance

little practice, and you will learn how to bring your partner heavenly pleasure.A true love and attraction to each other will tell you how and what to do.

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