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Make a cake out of the money at home

tradition of celebrating

total some twenty years ago, the birthday boy or the couple would be happy to complete any useful things.Now, given the wide range of products, it is difficult to guess what will suit hero of the occasion.Therefore, all give money.But that this process did not seem corny, you need to organize an unusual presentation.Young people, for example, wrap the bill in a roll of toilet paper, and then a birthday is a long unwinding their gift.

True for a wedding this eccentric option does not suit you.And because the main attribute of this holiday is considered to be a cake, it is best to make an analog only money.

Step by Step creation cake cake Cash

done quite easily, it will not take much of your time, but positive emotions such a gift guaranteed.

to make a cake out of the money you will need: money (better to change in the bank to the bill were not jammed), thick cardboard, several soft cardboard strips (width must not already be a bill), glue, paper clips, ribbon for decoratio


  1. First, decide how many tiers will have your money cake.For the three-tiered need 100 bills of the same denomination.You can arrange the different bills each tier to a multilayer cake.
  2. hero of the occasion was able to use the donated money, glue or other corrosive materials can not be used for fastening.It is best to use paper clips.

    For the cake out of the money you will need cardboard, paper clips and money.

  3. From cardboard cut three circles of 30, 20 and 10 centimeters in diameter.A soft - long strips 95, 65 and 35 centimeters.The strips should be attached to the circles glue, so it is best if the bottom will be a thin rim of cardboard.
  4. Getting cake decorating.Each bill is necessary to twist into a tube (diameter - about 2 centimeters).Each tube is mounted on the tier cake with the help of a paper clip.So you need to do with all three circles.

    On tiers of cardboard fastened money with staples.

  5. tiers decorate with ribbons, and on top - a bow.
  6. original jewelry top of the cake may be an inflatable balloon.It will be good if you are in a small denomination banknotes shove.To do this, they need to be twisted together into a very tight tube and take turns poking at half-inflated balloon.

Once finished attaching the money, you can start decorating the cake.

Some decorate the cake is not the money, and colored paper as the main gift is an empty cavity of the lower tier.You can also take this idea to note, if you want to surprise your friends or relatives.

Although creating such a masterpiece requires some delicacy and perseverance, the reaction of hero for the day be sure to make you happy.

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