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Learning to do manually blindhem

Before proceeding, it is worth considering that blindhem runs in a single thread, and it is important that the color was in the tone of the article, so it will not stand out.

How to sew blindhem?

To make blindhem take:

  • product or parts that need to connect
  • Threads suitable color
  • Needles
  • pins
  • Scissors

The tools that you need to sew a hidden seam.

proceed directly to the sewing

  1. Fold and secure the edge of the fabric with the help of pins.So it will be easier to control the process, turn the seam neat and smooth.

    Before starting to sew, fold the fabric and secure it in this position with a pin.

  2. Enter needle.This should be done from the inside.Then secure the thread with a small nodule.

    Start stitching from the wrong side.

  3. bend on fabric make the stitch and pull the thread.Then grab a thread of the base web and tighten.Do this carefully so as not to pull the tissue surface.Repeat stitches as long as connect the two parts.

Tighten the thread gently but thoroughly to avoid wrinkled cloth.

Note stitching must be very careful not to appear wrinkles on fabric.From time to time, keep an eye on the front side to make sure that as a stitch.It is best if they are small.Too long the stitches will not prov

ide a strong connection.As a result, you should have a "cross" on the front and parallel lines on the underside.

Blindhem requires special care, because the tissue can be wrinkled.

few tips

In order to make a beautiful blindhem should follow a few rules.

  1. Always pay attention to the quality of the thread.Remember, it needs to be a size smaller than required by the fabric.
  2. Choose the thickness of the needle, which will closely match the thickness of the thread.
  3. Never use a blunt needle, only acute, otherwise not be able to capture thread.

If you master this technique, all your things are always organized.

blindhem hand - video