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How to make a card for Christmas with their hands, master class with photos

to work you need:

  • Transparent paper (white paper) How to make a card for Christmas with their hands, master class with photos
  • Carton (10 * 10, 60 * 30, 11 * 11, 12 * 12, 15 * 15)
  • Stationery knife
  • line
  • Pencil
  • paper with patterns 25 * 25 (blue), red
  • Clay time (PVA)
  • red marker
  • Border pattern on the edges
  • Liquid pearls (can substitute liquid glitter)
  • bow of ribbon

Step by Step:

  1. get to work.Take clear paper (or a normal sheet of white paper) and draw our bell.After we finished on white cardboard 10 cm * 10cm (you can borrow more or less, depending on the size of the cards that you create) impose our drawing.If you take the transparent paper, it will be clearer, and you will be able to watch how the board is cut at the bottom, if you took the white paper, the more accurate result for the press on the knife during this procedure.Go to our figure carving on the cardboard.We provide our office knife for contour drawn bell.Then get rid of the unnecessary innards bell, leaving the foundation, as shown below.

  2. Take the already large cardboard cards (we hav

    e 64 * 34).Fold in half of our cardboard are disclosed.Using the ruler and pencil to take shape on the left side of the octagon (its size is 10 * 10, we cut the bell should be fully fit in the octagon) cut out of his office knife.We turn to the right inside of the card.Beautiful sky-blue paper with white patterns decorate our postcard.PVA glue nanesёm for all the wrong side of the paper and attach evenly to the right side of the product, departing from all sides at regular intervals.

  3. cut from the same blue patterned paper one more square (16 * 16).And stuck on the front part.Then we move on to giving our magnificent volume of the craft.Cut out from white cardboard 4 more square, they will be of different sizes (11 * 11 12 * 12 15 * 15).With the cut before we octagon Do the same with each square.Using octagon as a template and cut into each square it.

  4. Take the largest square (15 * 15), and sticking to a red patterned paper, or to show their creativity and draw the patterns themselves with a red marker.We make beautiful corners of our luxury square (on every corner do round cut).Then take a fringe patterns on the edges.Pasted it on the PVA glue (or time) to our decorated the square.On the right and left sides of the strip.Glue our very first workpiece on the front of the card.When bonding our octagons we must fully coincide.

  5. After gluing our colorful squares takes the red marker and draw out the contour line of our blue square on the front of the card (as if framing it).Now back to our squares (they left 2 more).Sticking on top of our first large square shape 11 * 11, 12 * 12 then.Our volume is almost finished.Last one's left, made at the beginning of the square with a bell.It is pasted on top of all so that our octagon was not noticeable for the bell.

  6. At the end turn to the jewelry.You can add or liquid pearls in each province cards or glitter liquid (at your discretion).Up Stick bow of purple ribbon.

Our unusual and bulk card ready!It remains to write their warm wishes inside and it is possible to please their loved ones!

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