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Certificate desire for a loved one with their hands

What are the advantages of such a gift?

Surely you already know well his beloved and know what he likes and what he wants.Having the original certificate for 5,000 points you would materialize as the fact that he would like to hear from you.In addition, a beautiful certificate residing in the mind will remind you of upcoming tests or joy (here it all depends on your imagination) and will not let go off course.

Instructions for creating gift

There are a variety of certificates of desires that can be implemented independently.Each of them is interesting in its own way, so tell you about the most popular, and you can decide which one is right for you.

Step by step instruction of creating an original gift for a loved guy.

certificate envelope

Take beautiful colored cardboard, ribbons, beads, and other small items for decoration.Fold a piece of cardboard in half, like a postcard, and from his inner pocket residues do, and where you invest Wishlist.The cover is best to decorate a variety of decorative elements, using your taste and imagination.

Guidelines for creating a certificate of desires with his own hands.

sign sheet may be as follows: "The certificate desires to 5000 points."Below is a list of desires that you can bring to a loved one, indicating the number of points next to each of them.For example, a romantic dinner will cost 1,500 sensual massage - 800, and a hike with friends in a bar - 500. Be sure to check that you will not interfere in a purely male entertainment and become calling every ten minutes to figure out how he's doing.

Tip!It is recommended to leave one field blank, the guy could fit himself desired effect as a bonus.

Book desires

If time permits, you can not do a little certificate desires, and the whole book.Book layout at a photo or make your own hands.The background can serve as your joint photos or romantic pictures.At the bottom of each page indicate the desire and make the tear line to your favorite could at any moment to take advantage of this or that desire.

Step by step instructions for creating the book wishes in a gift favorite.

Several useful ideas

carefully work with a list of desires.It is not necessary to offer something that you will not be able to make a reality.This is especially true of couples who only recently started to build their relationship.For example, it makes no sense to specify in the list item "Exemption from cleaning" if you do not live together.

offer you an indicative list of desires that can be specified in the certificate for a loved one.

  • romantic candlelight dinner
  • Breakfast in bed
  • cooking your favorite dishes
  • Relaxing treatments (bubble bath, erotic massage)
  • your favorite movies
  • Football evening with friends
  • Unlimited use of the Internet
  • trip to anotherCity
  • photoshoot for two
  • Exemption from cleaning
  • Striptease

Examples of desires that can be entered in the certificate for a loved one desires.

composing your list, do not forget to take into account their own needs (for example, point to "shared shower" or "going to the movies").So you do not just nice loved, but will some variety in your relationship.