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Beautiful toy with their hands: crochet snowflake

Yarn: COCO (Vitacotton)
50 g / 240 m, color - 3851
Tools: hook №1,9, a little red yarn, 2 black beads, knitting needle knitting density
basic knitting: horizontal m = 3,1 loops of 1 cm.
Size: 14 cm.

How to tie a toy hook - step by step guide

first item that we need to tie - is body itself snowflakes.It consists of two circles connected by the scheme №1.

Body toy

  1. number 1: in the loop recruit 6 internal loops and delays, complete the connecting column.Each subsequent row we will increase 6 loops.

  2. 2nd number will increase in 2 times, because we are in each column of knit 2 column.without nakida.The number 3 in every 2nd column 2 column without provyazyvaem nakida.In each row 4 column 3, and so on up to 11 series.The number of loops in each row will also increase to 6. In one series - 6 loops in row 2 - 12 loops in row 3 - 18, and so on incrementally, in row 11 - 66 loops.
  3. repeat the same steps for the second time.We obtained two round parts.

  4. Now you need to connect them togethe
    r and tie bar without nakida, as shown in the video.
    Note!Circles do not have a clear circle, so I recommend to connect the two parts are not clearly on a path, and moving a little edge, thus we rounded a toy crocheted.

  5. not dovyazav several loops to the end, we fill our snowflake synthetic padding or any other filler and finish tubing.

Rays Rays will knit scheme №2.

There is a whole snowflake, but we need only rays from the scheme.

  1. start knitting with the 5th row, that is, provyazyvaem around the column without nakida.
  2. In the 6th row pattern itself has already begun.Rays are rather tight, but they are soft and easy to bend.

Do you want them to be recorded and not hesitated, then at the end they can starch.


  1. number 1: in the loop provyazyvaem 6 bar without nakida.
  2. 2 series: 1 n. Upsurge in each column of knit 2 column without nakida (12 loops).
  3. 3rd and 4th rows we knit without of increases all 12 columns w / n.

  4. turns unfinished ball.Now we fill our nose and synthetic padding sewn to the center of the snowflake.

Making muzzles

  1. Next, take 2 black beads or you can buy ready-eyes - as you like, and sew them.It is advisable to sew them closer to the nose, then the muzzle will look nice and neat.

  2. of red yarn form the mouth.Insert the needle and thread to create the outline of the mouth.

That's it, now we have learned how to knit crochet toy - our snowflake ready.

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