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Angel made of cloth with his hands

We chose the most interesting model of angels, which you can do yourself.To do this you will need about three hours of free time and absolutely available materials.

Angels with his hands

To make the sweet angel, you will need:

  • flesh-colored fabric to create a body
  • Colorful cloth for clothes
  • Komforel or wool felt little
  • Ribbon Satin
  • Threads
  • Yarn type "grass»
  • few buttons
  • Pencil red
  • few cotton swabs
  • Acrylic paint black
  • few toothpicks
  • Bell

The list of tools that will be needed to create the angel

order to properly cut out the fabric pattern you need.You can create it yourself or use our example.

An example of the pattern for sewing angels with their hands.

Once you have mastered the patterns take the flesh-colored fabric, from which the body needs to be done: fold it in half, circle all the elements and stitch them.The result will be a few parts, each of which is a cover.These we will continue to fill the filler.

Fold the fabric in half and prostrochite all elements.

Now we must turn each item and fill them komforelem or wool.Then carefully sew all the elements.

Remove all parts and tamp the filler - wool or komforelem.

Getting clothes.Take the fabric you have chosen to create it, f

olded in half and sewn.In the area of ​​the throat is collected through a thread and worn on the angel.

Take a cloth, fold in half and Stitch.

At this stage it is necessary to sew a little angel pen.To do this, take a button, attach it to the presumptive level of shoulders and sewn to the calf.It is best to do this in parallel, that is just one stitch to sew two buttons, body piercing through.So they hold well and move freely.

Take the button and sew the handle.

of yarns such as "grass" do the hair and secure with thread to match.

Hair little angel can be made from yarn

Where expected to face, draw eyes with black acrylic paint and red pencil color and make lips.

By using black ink and red pencil, draw a face.

Take a sheet of paper and draw the layout of the wings.Then transfer the pattern on the felt and cut with scissors.Glue the felt to the cardboard, so the wings will be more persistent, and sew to the back using the buttons.

Draw wings on cardboard and cut them out of felt.

Use the buttons of angel wings to sew back.

's all angelok ready.Now you can decorate it, giving up a bell or a flower.

Step by step wizard to create a class of angels tissue.

As you can see the process is very simple and probably bring you a lot of pleasure than trouble.Particularly interesting will do it in the company of a child.

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