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Beaded Christmas card with your own hands, photos

to work you need:

  • beads (green, blue, red and yellow)
  • clear nail polish Beaded Christmas card with your own hands, photos
  • cardboard
  • PVA glue
  • colored paper
  • paint and markers
  • thread floss
  • pin
  • picture
  • good mood and positive attitude


  1. Beaded Christmas card with your own hands, photos The first thing you need - a scheme netting.You can find a variety of schemes on the Internet and print them out on your printer.For example, we offer you a diagram tree.As you can see in the figure used five colors: green, red, yellow, blue and brown.
  2. Stick diagram of white cardboard and cut out the picture.Each cell must be equal to the size of the beads.
  3. Take some glue and grease them a picture.Now, with the pins start to spread the beads onto your chosen scheme.Please note that each bead has to go to hole up.
  4. When you cover the whole picture of the beads, allow it to dry.Next, cover the varnish job.Then take sewing thread dip in glue and place the contour line.
  5. Now we need to create the card itself.Take the colored cardboard.You can take the white cardboard and paint it colors.Next,
    fold the sheet in half.Write on the front side markers beautiful inscription "Happy New Year".And fantasize.You can draw a snowman stick cotton, depicting the snow to draw Santa Claus, and so on. D. Do not forget to leave room for pictures of beads.When the painting is dry, glue it on the card.Place the card under the book.
  6. card ready!Instead of Christmas trees can do here such a wonderful Santa Claus.

Beaded Christmas card with your own hands, photos will show you another way to make a Christmas tree out of beads.Take an ordinary sheet of paper and draw a triangle on it.Take the needle Thread the thread in her and type beads on a string.

you need to score as many beads to have enough for the whole height of your triangle.Tie a knot and cut off excess thread.Continue to stick to the next string of beads, until you get a Christmas Tree.

with adhesive glue bead lines to the Christmas tree.After the glue tree to your card.We turned yellow tree, but you can take any color beads.Cut out paper and glue beautiful asterisk on top of her crafts.