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Stylish things with their own hands

unusual clutch


  • monophonic clutch,
  • sew or glue rhinestones different diameters amber hue,
  • transparent canvas,
  • beads and beads in white and brownscheme,
  • needle for beads,
  • monofilament thread.

How to :

Take the length of the canvas, is equal to the size of the clutch cover.Prisheytena outline, focusing on a photo first major parts - rhinestones.Then vokrugnih sew several rows of beads, changing its color.Then diagonally sew beads and beads so that poluchilisvolny.Then randomly fill the remaining space nakanve.Sew or glue the decorated canvas to the clutch.


Vampotrebuyutsya :

  • round perlamutrovyybiser and silver cutting,
  • needle for beads,
  • 2 rhinestones or beads in the form of droplets,
  • Nylon thread,
  • 2shvenzy.

Kakdelat :

  1. Fold thread double, pull the needle.Then type as many cuttings as it takes to encircle rhinestones once, beads should be nechetnoekolichestvo!Then skip the needle in the initial loop.
  2. Next whipping around.Collect 1 cabin and enter the needle vkazhduyu second bead of the previous row.So beads lie in a checkerboard pattern.Over the last two beads of the first two series of plaiting.Poluchilos4 beads is staggered.
  3. Weave third row.At the end of it, in the middle of four beads, plaiting a round bead.Poluchitsyaugolok droplets.
  4. now weave 2 p.Round beads, plaiting in the resulting ugolkekrugluyu bead and pulling the line each row.Insert Pastes in poluchivshuyusyaopravu.
  5. criss-crossing the back of the wheelhouse, reducing each number on 2biseriny.Attach the fastener.Make the second earring.

you require :

  • monochrome bag,
  • 8 large Sew strazraznyh colors (4 oval and round 4)
  • metal rivets (prodayutsyav crafts store) or a round metal beads,
  • needle,
  • thread matching bag.


  1. Sew ksumke thread to match the first oval, and then round rhinestones.
  2. now, focusing on the photo, secure the metal rivets.They attach themselves like this: sharp edges pierce through the fabric and the back side with a fixed pressure.
  3. If vyispolzuete beads, just sew them.
  • Can you think of a pattern and execute it nasumke.Just draw it on paper first.So it will be easier soblyustiproportsii.
  • If you did not find sew rhinestones, use conventional, attaching them to the all-purpose adhesive.


Vampotrebuyutsya :

  • 2 round flat beads,
  • 2 small round,
  • beads,
  • 2 separator for the beads,
  • 2 pin-stud
  • 2shvenzy,
  • pliers.


string on each pin ploskuyubusinu first, then a separator, and a small bead.Then, bend the tip of each pinapetelkoy, but not completely.Pull on the tabs on the fastener.Zagnitepetelki now until the end of Round.



  • face on the old clock,
  • beads in the green range, nemnogosinego,
  • fishing line,
  • hook №2,5.


not cutting off the line of the coil, nanizhite nanee as many beads.Then on the line knit chain of air loops, provyazyvaya each loop of beads.The longer the chain will, tempyshnee.That will have a bracelet for hours.

Measure the circumference of your wrist and slozhitebisernuyu chain many times to get the desired beam size.Skrepitekazhdy end of the resulting beam to become a part - bracelet.Then attach kbrasletu dial.

New life of the old tunic

you need :

  • monochrome tunic
  • cloth with patterns
  • tekstilnyekraski
  • textile decoupage glue for textiles (commercially magazinerukodeliya)
  • golden beads
  • brownish beads
  • stencil with the desired pattern
  • brush.

How to

  1. Route inside tunics polyethylene.Cut out napkins fragmentyuzora and stripes with ornaments.Exfoliate all the details, leaving only those that srisunkom.
  2. Below tunics and cuff means for decoupage glue strip sornamentom in one line as a border.Apply glue to decoupage poverhsalfetok.
  3. then the middle of each sleeve and on the edge of the resulting fringe pattern nakleytefragmenty.Dry tunic during the day.
  4. Place the stencil on the center in front of the tunic, spreading cloth to nebylo wrinkles.
  5. Apply to sponge paint the desired color and dye tunic chereztrafaret.Wait 5-7 minutes and remove the stencil.
  6. thin brush to apply irukava hem tunic with gold or yellow brush strokes of paint, highlighting the line uzora.Vysushite tunic for 6-8 hours and remove the polyethylene.
  7. progladte tunic not goryachimutyugom through a thin cotton cloth to secure the decor.Complete the pattern, tabbing in some places beads and beads.

Stiraytetuniku manually and in warm water, soaking is not more than 10 min.Pripoloskanii not rub and do not remove the thing.Dry on a hanger or expanding narovne surface.

You will need:

  • plastic dlyalepki different colors,
  • 2 bases dlyamedalona (available at craft stores), stationery knife,
  • toothpicks,
  • akrilovyylak,
  • 2 shvenzy tonkierezinovye gloves (toon plastic were not fingerprints),
  • glue "Moment".

How to

  1. Vozmitebezhevuyu plastic, mash and blind two oval, slightly vypuklyhosnovaniya flower.
  2. From kusochkarozovoy plastic blind by a thin petal and wrap it around zubochistki.Sdelayte 3-4 petals and form one bud on a toothpick
  3. Daleeprikrepite to bud still the same 6 petals to get rozochka.Kraynie petals peel back out to the flower opened.
  4. Sdelavnuzhnoe number of colors (from the different numbers of petals), Prilep naovalnye their base made of plastic.
  5. From zelenoyplastiki shape six small leaves.Make at listochkahprozhilki office knife.Attach leaves under the flowers.
  6. vduhovke Bake 15 130 ° C.Cool, glue them on tsentrumedalonov and coat with varnish.Attach shvenzy.

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