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We make bouquets for yourself

This bouquet is simple to manufacture.Not very many-consuming.If you try, you can immediately to the felling of the person etotsyurpriz will be presented.Handle even a novice.
  1. Decorate door, window or wall can pomoschyuoriginalnogo bouquet "kulechke", made of beautiful paper tsvetakotoroy selected to match the colors of the bouquet.Hang composition can pomoschyupetelki of satin ribbons.
  2. compositions of flowers and fruit always vyglyadyatoriginalno and beautiful.To create this you need two vazyodinakovoy shape but different size - bigger and smaller.First place odnuvazu to another and fill the space between slices of lemons iliapelsinov.Then, in the lower bowl, pour water and put the flowers.
  3. Orchid - a very gentle and whimsical flowers, trebuyuschieosobogo treatment.How can they give, or how to put a vase, if it podarilivam?Take adopted this simple idea.The high glass vase sshirokim throat putting green branch with thin leaves (eg palm otdomashney), slightly tighten it.And now put into naleytenemnogo
    orchid and water.
  4. Very original look flowers on short stalks, placed in a tall glass vase.Satin or paper tape wrapped around a vase or tied at the bow, make the composition more naryadnoyi finished.
  5. This elegant composition will be a worthy ukrasheniemprazdnichnogo table.In addition, it is not difficult to perform in domashnihusloviyah.In a wide bowl for fruit put a thick candle razlozhitevokrug her lemons or limes.Pour a little water in the vase and insert mezhdufruktami small rosettes.Add a little greenery, and your song is ready.
  6. Do not be afraid to use the compositions neobychnyeemkosti.They make them unique and spectacular.For example, vmestostandartnoy vase can take a lot of shells, pour a little water into it ipostavit into rosettes on short stems.
  7. your guests at the bachelorette party will be pleased to see the beautiful flower nasvoey plate.Serve an a table, put on a plate svernutyelnyanye napkins, and on top - a living flower, it is desirable to match the tablecloth ilinizhnih napkins.
  8. Another idea for a glass vase on a high leg: plug the flowers and leaves a sponge, put it in a vase and propitaytevodoy.Now fill the vase with small pebbles, masking sponge.

As you can see a lot of variants.You can do something their own.Optionally, to adhere to strict rules of what is described in this article.Vklyuchaytesvoyu imagination.Did you podkorrektiruete something ready-made ideas.The gift, made by hand, always deserves more attention and valued dorozhe.Ved it invested so much time and effort, and most importantly - love.

Gifts of tulips

When appears on the street Sea of ​​flowers hochetsyavoskliknut: "Spring has come!" So let's happily let her into the house!

double gift

Tulips, ak it - a nice little picture-panels, created by the felting of felt.Eslipodobnogo experience in the luggage of the creator is not available, a picture can be drawn from the fabric, making application in the form tyulpanchikov.

waiting for guests

Prekrasnoeukrashenie for the holiday table create two dishes: a square and treugolnogoso special recesses that fill the sea pebbles, and tsentreukladyvaem flowers without stems.Adding to the composition of another tulip razlozhivih the corners of large meals.

Good morning!

Steklyannyebutylochki and small - wrap leaves tulips iperevyazyvaem twine.We put in a bottle flowers.Beautiful picture dlyanachala day!

Decor napkins

Svorachivaemtkanevuyu napkin several times, put a flower on top, tied yarkoytesemkoy.We serve an a table and wait for admiration from the guests!

Make potpourri

No way nevybrasyvaem fallen petals of tulips and other flowers!Gradually filling their glasses high for cocktails, get the original interior decoration - flower potpourri!


Miniature buketikiz yellow tyulpanchikov very organic look in a wicker frame.A wide ribbon to match effectively complete the image created by the sun.

Walking as a walk!

to dostich100% strength effect of the bunch (though one has admired the scale), it must be put right.Not always in the house there is a suitable vase poetomutsvety we put in three, and even in five-liter jar and top it nadenemspetsialny bag, sewn from fabric cheerful spring colors.Makaronyspasut form!Before you put the cut tulips in water, in kazhdyystebel insert for thin spaghetti.It is necessary that the flowers being vvaze not bent.

Flower Arrangement

wonderful composition that will decorate the home or lyubogougolka holiday table!

You will need:

  • flowers
  • basket
  • polyethylene
  • sponges for dishwashing
  • tape
  • stationery knife
  • wooden skewers.

How to:

The basket was covered with polythene, fix it with pomoschyuskotcha.Each sponge making holes, cutting their office knife, skewer irasshiryaem holes.Prune the stems from the flowers to the required dliny.Obilno damp sponge with water, insert and send flowers in a basket.Chtobytsvety stood for a long time, do not forget to regularly moisten the sponge with water.

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