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Schemes of Christmas embroidery

If you're not in the embroidery - do not worry, there's no big deal.Just look a few training lessons, make a couple of stitches and it will go like clockwork.

New Year pictures, and embroidered cross embroidery

First you need to decide what you want to give.This can be a Christmas decoration on a Christmas tree, a pillow or a picture in a frame.Even a purchased towel embroidered with the edge of the picture will become unique.It is necessary to determine the technique - it may be a cross-stitch or embroidery.To define a look some works made by different techniques and choose what you like.In terms of complexity they are about the same, but the cross-stitch is more popular among modern handy people.

course, gift, embroidered with his hands, takes a little longer than bought in the store, so it is necessary to prepare in advance.If before you have not had experience in this issue, start with a small image, because embroidering large canvas, you can not correctly calculate the time and do not have time

for the holiday.

A variety of cross stitch and embroidery, charts, tips, fashion trends

As for the scheme, in specialized stores you can buy embroidery canvas, thread, needles, and all that is needed.Of course, the choice of pictures is fascinating with its diversity.The most popular images on the theme of the New Year - a Santa Claus, snowman, Christmas trees, snowflakes, wreaths of pine needles, and many other differences.

So, you have purchased a favorite scheme, the picture start to work

We are sure that you will get a lot of pleasure from the process.And when it begins to take shape pattern, then it will give inspiration to create new embroidery rabot.Posle end it is necessary to draw beautifully.Of course, what has happened is a fantastic beauty, but still it is a bit "buggy."What you decide to do?The picture as a surprise New Year's mom?Then it is necessary to insert the resulting sheet in a frame.It can be ordered by, or you can give to a specialty store.If you decide to make a three-dimensional decoration on the Christmas tree, then you need to take a cotton wool and wrap it with his work, carefully fix the edge, on top of a thread, or attach a hook.

A huge number of ideas for Christmas embroidery

If you run out of ideas for gifts embroidered, you can take advantage of these, or ask at the store, shop, needlewoman advise you diagram it for your gift:

  • the contour bought tablecloths can be embroidered Christmas ornament
  • can decorate monogramtowel or cloth napkins
  • tissue (must be tight on the type of burlap) cover books with embroidered work is very original gift
  • front of the banal postcards can decorate their embroidered work

It's safe to say that to get such an original giftabsolutely everyone will be happy.It is a priceless feeling to know that someone has worked to create such beauty, thinking of you, put his heart and soul in order to bring joy and positive emotions.Presenting such a gift, you will be proud of themselves, and as a giver of gifts will experience positive emotions no less than one to whom you hand in his.

Original gift - embroidery

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