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How to draw Cupid

Getting Started

How will the greeting card, depends on you.It may be conventional, rectangular, shape, or a heart.Color valentines usually juicy: bright red, deep pink, thick burgundy.Against this backdrop, it compares very favorably to decorate various items: ribbons, beads, beads, tesemochki.The optimum size of a postcard, like the palm of an adult: enough space for a short love letter, and the image that can be drawn by hand.

How to draw Cupid

Naughty Cupid - the most important character of Valentine's Day.This chubby little boy with his sharp arrows pierce the hearts of men to the world every year an increasing number of lovers.Why not draw it on your Valentine?Believe me, it's not hard!If you are afraid to spoil a postcard, practice draw on a sheet of ordinary landscape.

Step 1

pencil sketch of the head do: draw a circle and put a tentative line for the location of the nose, eyes and lips on his face.Do not press too hard on the pencil.The lines must be thin to the eraser was able to easily

correct a mistake in the case of failure.Watch closely what items appear on the sample, and try to keep the same proportion and direction of the lines on your drawing.

Step 2

head "planted" on a large, slightly modified oval.This body.Cupid decided to depict a plump, full of the baby, so do not skimp on the volumes.However, make sure that all parts of the boy's body was in the same "weight category".

Step 3

Let us handle.Sketch on each side of the body by two ovals crossing each other.At each extreme pririsuyte oval circle - is the future brush.

Step 4

feet now.Outline to create them on the same principle as the rest: two overlapping oval on each leg.A horizontal oval that ends legs, later transformed into the foot.Very soon in our circles and ovals get a charming kid.Behind Cupid paint some small curved triangles - there are wings.

Step 5

proceed to the detailed features of the head and face.Do not be afraid to portray something fails, because the painting, transferring to paper his subjective vision of the world, is always right.At Cupid's big eyes, nose potatoes, smiling mouth and chubby cheeks.Also draw on his head mop of curly hair.

Step 6

Putting finally, circles and ovals together to form the body.Trace its outline and draw additional details - folds, fingers, pointed feathers of the wings.Do not forget about the weapon marksman.In his left hand the boy "attach" the curved bow, and the right - arrow into a heart shape.

Step 7

On the finishing stage, the image circle thin black marker.You can experiment with the thickness of the so-called modular line which goes from thin to thick and vice versa.This will give your figure a more professional look.

Step 8 Wipe

simple pencil in places where it still remains.Coloring Cupid use light pastel shades, because this kid - the epitome of serenity and tenderness.

Do not despair and give up if cherub turned out not the way you imagine it represented.In the end, you can try to draw the baby again.Always remember that your efforts and those feelings that you put into your work is more important than the result.Handmade valentine card with Cupid painted you produce the most pleasant impression on your loved one.

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