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Crafts own hands Valentine's Day

Peredtem how to choose a gift, think about your young man.Uchityvayteobyazatelno his character and interests.Do not be afraid to experiment, guys etonravitsya.The gift will be more original, the better.

Originalnyypodsvechnik of the disks

Many of us in the house there is a lot of unnecessary iliisporchennyh drives.Some find they use non-standard, and nekotoryeprosto discarded.If you have unwanted discs, do not rush to send ihv garbage.Make of them an unusual gift - a candlestick.This candlestick mozhnopostavit on the table.The material used will look good.

So, in order to make a candle holder, such materials will be useful: multiple discs, glue gun and silicone adhesive, colored candles, shells, beads, sea pebbles, colored stones and the like.

Vozmitedisk and using the gun gently apply jewelry or beads nablestyaschuyu surface.Wait for the glue to dry completely.While the glue budetsohnut, take the second disc and cover the hole a heart carved izglyantsevoy paper.Then connect the perpendic

ular stand ready istenku together (upper and lower disk).The edge of one disk should prohoditposredine second bases.At the final stage it is necessary to establish a candle.Eenuzhno fix so that during combustion it is not in contact with the disks andother material, or they may melt.

Sladkayavalentinka Candy

esliv not know how to sew, knit and embroider, do not worry.Gift svoimirukami can do anyway.For example, Valentine Candy created ochenprosto.You do not need to have special skills.For its preparation vamponadobitsya: foam, glue gun and glue, corrugated paper, toothpicks, tape, scissors and candy.

Izpenoplasta cut heart.In order to obtain a flat base, use the carton blank in natural size.The edges of the paper products ukrastegofrirovannoy.Every piece of candy from the corner of Pierce zubochistkoyi wrap in several layers of colored cloth.Ready flowers attach kpenoplastu.The free space decorate the little things.

Valentine sigrushkoy

Esliu your favorite good sense of humor, you can give him a lamb (hare, goat, giraffe and so on) with a card.On the postcard or poster mozhnonapisat poem, declaration of love, desire, and the like.For sozdaniyaigrushki you will need: cardboard or thick paper, scissors, PVA, white vatnyepalochki, clothespins, pencils, markers or pens.

Myrasskazhem how to create a lamb.First on paper, draw a sheep's body, muzzle, and then cut along the contour.After that, the trunk and the top golovynakleyte cotton swabs.Pre-need to cut off the rods at the base of cotton sticks.After harvesting dry, glue together the body, head and pegs.The animal must be stable.By prikrepiteotkrytku lamb or a photo.

Collage of vashihfotografy

photos- this is an excellent memory.Select your best photos together isdelayte are original collage.To create you need: drawing paper, colored pens, markers, pencils, rulers, stickers and your photos.Vtsentre place the photo where you together holding hands, hugging, kissing, and the like.Around this picture glue the photo smaller.Naostavshemsya space, draw hearts, flowers, make inscription (poems, recognition, compliments).Such a gift sure to enjoy your favorite.

Knit, embroider, sew ...

esliv is good at sewing, knitting or embroidering, use these skills to make an original gift for your beloved.Sew him a shirt or svyazhitesviter.If this you do not have time, then you can link it mittens, socks or something like that.Pay attention to the material and style, kotoryynravitsya your partner.The product must come not only your taste, but iparnyu.

Mozhnovyshit beautiful picture and put it in a frame.Today you can buy gotovyenabory embroidery, thanks to which even the newcomers in this business smogutbez labor deal.By the way, if you're good at embroidering, it can be embroidered on the fabric portretsvoego Man.To do this, take a photograph, which chetkoizobrazheny features and treat it in a special program and zatemraspechatayte on the printer.You will be ready to sample.

selection lyubimyhpesen

Eslivash young man loves music, then this gift will certainly want him povkusu.You can go two ways.The first - buy it in the store the disc okotorom guy had long dreamed of.In the photo studio to make a beautiful cover drive spozhelaniyami and your joint photo on the reverse side.The second way - write skompyutera favorite songs of your guy to disk (USB flash drive), and between pesnyamivstavte declaration of love, wishes and so on.This can be done pomoschyuspetsialnyh programs are easy to find and download on the Internet.

bottle of wine, decorated with their own hands

Esliu your second half do not have problems with alcohol, then give him butylkuhoroshego collector or vintage wine.To gift vyglyadeloriginalno and elegantly decorate egokrasivymi ribbons or photographs.Beautifully will look glass razrisovannoekraskami or decorative stones.

Recognition vstihah or story

Eslivnutri you living poet, then use this talent for gift.Dedicate svoemulyubimomu few verses or stories, which describe their feelings toward him, then why do you like him, why he is dear to you and so on.The main thing zaraneeproverte written in error.It is best to write on the card recognition ilibumage, beautifully decorated.

Podarochnyesertifikaty for wish fulfillment

Takoyvariant gift is better suited for those couples who are in a relationship uzhedovolno long time ago.Make a few postcards heart, decorate ihlentochkami, drawings, stickers and the like.After that obratnoystorony write a couple wishes that should be put into realnostvash favorite.Billets packed in a beautiful box.

Pozhelaniyamogut be very different.But best of all, if they neobychnymi.Naprimer, erotic massage, private dance, delicious dinner and the podobnoe.Muzhchinam really like erotic wishes, do not forget about it, pretty girl.

as at this, there are lots of options to create a gift with their own hands Day SvyatogoValentina.However, before embarking on his ideas, think, and you will like this gift to your significant other?Required uchityvayteego habits, tastes, and character.If you understand that doing izgotovleniempodarka too late, just go to the store and buy something, chtoponravitsya you and your loved one.