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Crafts from clay and pine cones for kindergarten and school

Preparing natural material

Particular attention should be paid to the safety of the child.The collected material prior to use to sort.Pay attention to the fact that the branches were collected with sharp edges;leaves, buds, seeds, and flowers were not spoiled by various pests (beetles, caterpillars, aphids).

Technique manufacture of handicrafts

to manufacture our figures from clay cones need.The following video shows the methods of modeling, which will be used in all artefacts of our master class.

articles made of pine cones and plasticine "Mouse", a master class with photos

Note!The ideal solution for the manufacture of handicrafts from the cones is to use salt dough instead of clay.It is less expensive for the family budget, and creates additional opportunities for creativity in the making of handicrafts from the cones.

Step by Step:

Take a piece of white clay and using stacks divide it into 3 slices ac

ross.A width of about 1 cm. One for the tail.The second ear.Third for legs.

Take the first strip and rolled sausage.This will be the tail of a mouse.

second strip divide into four pieces.Using the method of "rolling" do four sausages.Here are our feet and ready.

third piece divide in half.This blanks mouse ears.Using the method of "rolling" prepare two balls.

Then they flattened "patty".

Using the method of "topping", presses one side of our piece.So we do with both patty.Here are our ears for harvesting and ready.

Fasten the lugs to the cone.With stacks well wriggle clay.To our mouse is well heard, draws stack strips inside the ears.

then attached to the foot of our mouse.

now fastened ponytail.

Our mouse needs to be done eyes and nose.For this roll off three balls.Two blue to the eye, the size of a pea, and a third red ball twice, from it, we will do our nose to the craft.Our mouse from bumps ready!

crafts with their hands from pine cones for kindergarten "Hedgehog»


  • pinecone
  • clay
  • stacks
  • board to work with plasticine

Step by Step:

from yellow clay cut the stack across a strip 2 cm wide.

From billet to roll down the ball.Then flattened "patty".This can be done by putting the ball on the board and pushing it with the index finger, or the edge of the palm.You can also use a round brush or a pencil, clay and roll up tortillas state in the manner of rolling out dough.

Put the workpiece on the sharp end of a pine cone.Start slowly push the edge of the workpiece to the cone in a circle.So we form our hedgehog muzzle.

Firmly attach the clay to the pine cones, we pulled away and form the tip of the nose.It should look like this.

Now our hedgehog need to make eyes, nose and mouth.For this roll off three balls the size of a pea.Two blue eye, red for the third nozzle.Also from the red clay make sausage - it will urchin mouth.

To Hedgehog was pleased we fasten on his needle apples.They can be made from clay or take the toy.Our hack is ready!

Workshops for manufacturing handicrafts made of fruits and vegetables for school and kindergarten here.

Crafts School of cones and clay with their hands "Owl»


  • Large pine cone to the body
  • small pine cone for the head
  • Plasticine
  • Stack
  • pine branch

Step by Step:

Side remove large lumps of the scales, it was convenient to attach to it a little bump.With the help of a piece of plasticine connect parts together.

Base crafts ready.

Prepare five balls of yellow clay.Two balls the size of a pea - it will be your eyes.Two more of the ball - the ears of owls.The biggest balloon the size of a walnut - preparation for the wings.

Grab bars for voice and flattened into patty.Fasten it to the head of the craft.

Take the second two bars and also flattened.Pinch one end of each patty.Ears owl ready.

Out of the blue clay slides down two rollers.This pupil eye owl.

biggest ball we divide the stack in half and do the wings, on the same principle, as did the ears.

pinch off another piece of yellow clay and roll the cone, makes him an owl's beak.

All parts are attached to the workpiece.Our owl of buds ready!Now you only have to put it on the pine branches.This is done using clay.

articles made of pine cones and feathers "Swan" with his own hands, master class with photos


  • pinecone
  • Plasticine
  • Feathers
  • Stacks
  • Old laser disc

Step by Step:

Roll out of plasticine sausage length of about 11 cm. Fasten one end of the sausage to the ground bumps.This will be the neck of a swan.Tightly clutching the neck to the base of the cone, we Bends the second end of sausages.This will be the head of the Swan.

cut a piece of red clay and rolls of it oval.Pinch one side of it.This will be the beak of a swan.Fasten it to the head.

Now we need to make eyes for the swan.To do this, we slip two slices of blue clay into small balls.And attached it to the head of the Swan.

Select favorite feathers us and with the help of plasticine fasten them under the cone scales.So we do the tail and wings of the Swan.Here's our handsome and ready!