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The principles of nutrition for the health of your feet

Malnutrition is the cause of disease or vozniknoveniyamnogih.The appearance of circulatory disorders are not yavlyaetsyaisklyucheniem.Therefore, if you are suffering from varicose veins ilisindromom tired legs, and if you want to prevent the emergence of possible rasstroystvkrovoobrascheniya, then you should carefully read this article, unto which are given simple and yet effective principles of nutrition.

worth noting that even if you change your diet, it will not eliminate completely vseravno problems existing in the circulatory system, although any case will help alleviate many of the symptoms - such as swelling, oschuscheniezhzheniya and pain, as well as improve blood flow and elasticity of veins.

may change the principles of power seems to have ochenslozhnym, however, it will significantly improve your quality of life.And naposledokdadim advice for pregnant women.

during childbearing body is very susceptible kzabolevaniyam related to circulation.In any case, before izmenitkakim any way yo

ur food, check with your doctor.

basic principles of nutrition

  • Do not overeat.It is better to eat neskolkoraz a day, but in small portions.Another good advice on food: Your daily menu should consist of two dense meals and three lighter.
  • When cooking, use the drying varkui quenching.Avoid fried foods.
  • Reduce consumption of sauces and ingredients that contain saturated fats.First of all, try to exclude from svoegoratsiona pastries, white sugar and alcohol.For example, you mozhetezamenit sugar honey.By the way, chestnut honey has a strong mochegonnymeffektom.
  • There are a number of foods that should be part of a balanced diet.Among other things, oniblagopriyatno affect the blood circulation and strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Watch your weight

Avoid the appearance of excess weight is not so much for the sake of appearance, but for the sake of health.Left behind are the days when the fullness yavlyalaspriznakom good health.It is not about to fight with weights iedoy to have a perfect wasp waist, and on how to maintain a healthy vystaralis constant weight.How do I know what a mass telayavlyaetsya best for you?

Weight depends on the person's lifestyle, his physique, etc.Kprimeru, a woman of 55 years, conducting the whole day at the office and not zanimayuschayasyasportom eats not, as a girl of 25 years old, who works as a waitress, Compline is interested in learning and race walking.What does izlishniyves to venous insufficiency?

It's very simple: it contributes to stagnation of blood in the vessels as a result of etihprosvetov due to cholesterol deposits or due to deposits of fat in the abdominal cavity kotoryedavyat.Therefore, if you have a few extra kilos, it is very likely that soon will narusheniyakrovoobrascheniya, swelling, etc.

Avoid constipation

Constipation is a problem that is subject to 20% of the population.Pomimorazvivayuschegosya malaise, constipation contributes to venoznoynedostatochnosti because it increases pressure in the abdominal cavity izatrudnyaetsya circulation.

To prevent constipation the best thing you can do - etopit plenty of water.It is recommended to drink a day at least 1.5 lvody.

People with restless legs syndrome, or varicose rasshireniemven, this rate should be increased to 2 liters.Further preferably, particularly in the case of constipation to water you eat, was mineral.This is necessary to compensate for the loss of minerals.

On the other hand, if the drinking water in such large kolichestvahdlya have unacceptable, you can use other liquids, such as juices iliest more fruit.Also, do not forget that a strong ally vborbe against constipation is fiber.Because of its rich food belayafasol, beans, dried figs, plums, chickpeas, lentils, almonds it.d.

Natural remedies protivzapora

With regard to food, in order to avoid constipation, zhelatelnosokratit consumption of starches and reinforcement products such as chocolate, you need to slowly chew food, eat flax seeds and psyllium, has bolshefruktov, drink carrotjuice and generally not overeat.Here is the recipe ovoschnogosupa that recommended there in the evenings, and if the constipation has become a serious problem dlyavas, the mornings and evenings.

ash flowering stems Boil and strain the broth.Then add vnego diced potatoes, a spoonful of bran and seeds lna.Kipyatite for 20 minutes before drinking the soup can drain.

Food upotrebleniekotoryh weakens the walls of blood vessels

If you suffer from venous insufficiency, and decided to start pravilnopitatsya, you should know the products, which use better vozmozhnostiizbegat.Never mind, of course, will not happen, if the isklyucheniyaoni will sometimes go into your diet.The main thing is not to forget about the functioning of the circulatory chtonormalnoe more importantly taste pristrastiy.Itak, vessel walls weaken:

  • all foods that increase blood urovenholesterina: sausages, confectionery products, red meat, etc.Cholesterol clogs the veins iyavlyaetsya cause loss of elasticity of the blood vessels;
  • strong spices (cayenne, red ground, gorkiyperets), which irritate the walls of blood vessels and provoke them chrezmernoerasshirenie;
  • salt and all foods with large eesoderzhaniem - such as smoked fish and sausages.The fact chtosol retains the liquid, and this contributes to the appearance of swelling and rasshirenieven;
  • red meat and dairy products that takzhesposobstvuyut fluid retention.

information in the article's general recommendations should become permanent printsipamivashego power.