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Food, which produces and kills the desire

testosterone needed proteins!
products that are beneficial to male potency, to be rich in protein.This is due to the production of male hormone, testosterone.Foods containing large amounts of fat and carbohydrates, on the contrary adversely affect libido.By "friends" sexual power also include vitamins A, C and E.

In the men's diet must be both meat and fish dishes, as well as eggs.As a side dish there is nothing better than vegetables, celery, asparagus, radishes, spinach and turnips.Garlic and onions, despite its smell, beneficial effect on sex life.Examples are the Italians - passionate lovers who love food with garlic.A bow for these reasons is not used by the monks.The dish should not be afraid to add spices, which also has a stimulating effect.

For one of the best aphrodisiacs include nuts, especially walnuts.If they mix with honey, you get an ancient recipe for increasing potency.

Dairy products such as sour cream, kefir, yogurt and cottage cheese also have to be on the menu of your men.

Now sweet
Firstly, bananas.Their action is long and spicy mood after consuming way to keep all day.Another sweet fruit - it dates, which are not only excited, but also are able to increase the time of sexual intercourse.But even the Aztecs called the avocado tree male power because of its miraculous properties.

Do not forget about such a product like chocolate.By stimulating the production of endorphins, hormones of joy, he will raise the mood and relaxes at the same time immersed in a state of love.

Women Strawberry is a kind of magic wand to create a playful mood, all the fault of fruit sugar and the reaction to it of the female body.

Cooking anti-sex or products that kill the desire
What to feed a man not to arouse his sexual desire?As mentioned earlier, there are products that promote potency, but also there are those who affect it adversely.Such products usually do not only harm the sexual life, but also overall health.These include almost all fast food, prepared food, fast food.In such foods many harmful substances, dyes, flavors, flavor enhancers, and so forth.

Nowadays, sausages, sausages and sausages are the enemy of male power.Simple sandwich with sausage at all turns into a pill with a double action.In addition to sausages, here is added and white bread, which contains empty carbohydrates.Their abundance in the body not only affects our figure, but also leads to a decrease in sexual desire.Foods rich in carbohydrates - the enemy of men, as it reduces the production of testosterone.

products containing soy, also adversely affect potency.Soy contains plant analogue of female hormones, so the more it consumes a man, the more it affects his libido eventually it may even lead to infertility.

impossible not to mention a product like alcohol, although initially its action can be taken completely the opposite.First, alcohol dilates blood vessels, which contributes to a rush of blood, and a feeling of excitement, and with a sense of looseness, which also inspires alcohol, sex drive increases.But this effect is very short-lived.Eventually vessels become narrower and there comes a feeling of complete relaxation, the erection becomes very constrained.

But pasta, rice and potatoes do not carry any threat to the sexual life of men, but not profit, is the empty product.

Whatever it was, it is worth remembering that such a menu should not get involved.If you eat this food regularly, your sexual rest will cost you and your man's health.

not quality, and the number and circumstances
There is another opinion, having the right to exist.Not so much a matter of what we eat, more importantly, when and in what quantity.So, for example, often returning home after a hard day, man, tired and hungry, pounces on a hearty cooked dinner.As you know, the feeling of fullness comes not at once, and thus eaten far more than required, which eventually leads to overeating.In this state, to the amorous pleasures man is clearly and often in the end he falls asleep.Thus, a dense hearty dinner after a hard day it is possible to establish as a killer of sexual desire.

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