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The frightening truth about chips

One could laugh at this suggestion, if not trevozhnayasituatsiya prevailing in connection with the increased habit to chew seductive "hrustyashki."For example, one third of children in the UK ect chips every day, the remaining two thirds are applied to them once a week.A mop tselombritantsy six billion packages per year, which corresponds to one ton of chips for kazhdyetri minutes or almost 100 bags per person.The above-mentioned "perekuson" bag of the day - kakmnogie of children now enter the UK - provides dopolnitelnoepostuplenie in their diet five liters of cooking oil a year.This is not to speak about fat, sugar and salt, which are also contained in these innocent of vidupaketikah, the rubble at the corner store shelves, supermarket or gas station.

imarketologov Using the recommendations of scientists, some of the major manufacturers except interesnyhlogotipov and bright colors postoyannoispolzuyut and improve methods of influence on our taste buds, placing them literally on the brink of "chipso


nutrition specialist Michael Moss (Michael Moss) reviewed the results of the "labors" of food giants zaneskolko decades and showed kakchipsy by slightly tempting appetizer seventies turned into edakuyuhitroumnuyu bomb accurately hit using chemistry certain centers nashegomozga for "passionatedesire "of the product.Certain himicheskiekomponenty masking salt, fat and sugar are known as "flavor enhancers" effect on trigeminal nerve located above and behind the mouth.From him the information sent directly to mozg.Takaya short path makes it possible to select empirically optimalnyeurovni each ingredient to raw foods.Recruited volunteers proveryayutproduktsiyu to taste, smell and other sensations.The ideal ratio of salt, fat, sugar (which contains starch) sends signals of pleasure to the brain, saying that caught the point of enjoyment.Dr Moss states that instinctive craving brain zdessrabatyvaet taste of these components, and it is impossible to resist.Moreover, the situation is like a drug: the more we eat these foods, temslozhnee get our brain pleasure after their use that causes us to eat these "hrustyashek" more.How to get a dose of drug addicts crave, and "chipsozavisimye" budutzhelat its delicacy.

Who would have thought that chipsyhrustyat so tempting because of their scientifically perfected "crispiness"?Even on etoobratili attention docks marketers.Dr. Moss says that imiopredelena ideal point of rupture.The idea is that the crunch razgryzaemyhchipsov most pleases the ear while squeezing jaws goodies 4funta force per square inch.

Tag «Gourmet» (gourmet) on the package with the product lishpodstegivaet interest in him.And if you do it a little overeaten, it is not much vaspugaet, even if you know that the individual ingredients are harmful.All etoobyasnyaetsya our love for chips.

For takuyunesderzhannost we are paying with their health.Abuse of chips, then estupotreblenie excess fat, sugar and salt, increases the risk of obesity, hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, cancer.Babies garantirovanoposleduyuschee deteriorating health.Moreover, science is currently obnaruzhenydrugie insidious threat of chips.According to studies conducted in the United States iVelikobritanii, a cardiologist and nutritionist Dariush Mozaffarian (Dariush Mozaffarian) claims chtoimenno chips contribute most to the epidemic of obesity in the United States.Calorie foods different, products from potato onasravnitelno high, especially in chips.Due to their availability and nutritional knim get used, I want them to eat more and more.Studies dietologovGarvardskoy Medical School found that in today's chips urovenkrahmala and refined carbohydrates are so high that even a lishniypaketik can disrupt the balance of glucose and insulin in our krovi.Takoy imbalance reduces the feeling of satiety, hunger increases, which leads to uvelicheniyukolichestva food consumed duringday.It becomes tempting to eat eschepaketik, because there are small portions.A high level of insulin results in kozhireniyu and diabetes.

Despite all the troubles related schrezmernym consumption, methods of impact on children - the main consumers of "chipsonov" amazingly resourceful and cunning.Through attracting kreklame celebrities manage to firmly hold the young brains podvliyaniem "chipsozavisimosti."When vAnglii cartoon interrupted for advertising in which the idol angliyskihmalchishek Gary Lineker praises chips «Walkers», there is no doubt that tomorrow, these bags will sweep the shelves.Idol current futbolnyhfanatov Leonel Messi on reklamnyhbannerah installed on the streets of any major city on every continent, with a conspiratorial view of holding a bag «Lays».How can you stand?The obesity epidemic in some countries is growing, so everything louder calls for a more responsible attitude reklamepischevyh products.

otvetstvennostiroditeley can not forget that provoke fascination with their children chips.Putting a child in school breakfast, only one izdesyati moms backpack puts in traditional cooked from scratch buterbrod.Ostalnye prefer to cram in your bag lunch pastry student or ... yes, those samyechipsy.Doctors are concerned that since childhood children "hooked" on such products.After all, in fact, their beckoning nekartofel and synthetic flavors and flavor enhancers, soderzhaschieakrilamid and monosodium glutamate.These chemical additives can cause in children's flanked by an immature body neobratimyeizmeneniya that in the future will go into terrible disease.

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