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What foods can not be eaten on an empty stomach?

Citrus can cause gastritis, coffee with milk - stones vpochkah and pastries - apathy.Surely you know that breakfast - it samayavazhnaya meal, so in the morning we had breakfast every day in good faith, odnakone always that helpful.Now we will make clear and know which products can not estnatoschak and why.

Coffee.When we nagolodny stomach drink coffee, it irritates the stomach lining.You, in turn, begin to vyrabatyvatzheludochny juice, and if you do not make other foods, it starts stanovitsyaagressivnym and evil, so razedaetslizistuyu, and soon we can expect such an unpleasant disease kakgastrit.Moreover, caffeine negativnovozdeystvuet and gall bladder.The bubble is reduced and throws bile, which is needed by the body to help digest food.And if you drink coffee on an empty stomach, znachitperevarit nothing, so the bile just wandering through the body.With dobavleniemmoloka coffee does not become softer.Because when we soedinyaemchay and coffee with milk proteins, we obtain virtually insoluble comp

ounds, namely, they form kidney stones.

Sugar .Nikakiesladosti fasting is not to.Sugar is instantly absorbed by the body and thus annoying podzheludochnuyuzhelezu.Because of this nachinaetvyrabatyvatsya insulin.So, the blood sugar level drops and we chuvstvuemvmesto vivacity and fullness, apathy and fatigue strength.

Bananas. Onivoobsche are in first place in the list of failed products on an empty stomach.Vnih contains a lot of potassium, so if you eat them on an empty stomach, tomogut cause cardiovascular disease due to violation balansakaltsiya and magnesium in the body.

Citrus .Vynavernyaka already know that drinking orange juice at breakfast is impossible.In tsitrusovyhmnogo acid, which quickly starts to eat away at the mucous zheludka.Konechno if you do not suffer from a disease of the stomach and great feel when eating sour lemons, then this may not heed the advice.Noesli you have an ulcer, gastritis or other gastrointestinal disease, then by drinking orange juice and eating citrus fruits on an empty stomach should be discarded.

Pears. Nashipredki know that fasting has a pear bad, so they said, chtoesli eat a pear for breakfast, it will result in the poison, and if dinner torozoy.And all because grushesoderzhitsya a lot of roughage, which badly affects the lining of the stomach.Especially the right direction with pears ochenplotnoy texture, because they contain too much roughage.

Persimmon.In hurmesoderzhatsya fibers which are difficult to be digested by the body, furthermore, they slow down gastric and intestinal motility.And the body comes to the state, saying that he was "worth it."Osobennobogata such fibers strongly astringent persimmon.

cold drinks. They are able to narrow the blood vessels in the stomach.As a result, blood flow is disturbed, aznachit, it disrupted the whole process of digestion.Therefore, you can not drink holodnyenapitki or after a meal or before it - it is better to drink two hours posletrapezy.

Garlic.It podobenzhguchey spices therefore affects the stomach, as well as caffeine, razdrazhaetzhelchny bladder and stomach mucosa.

Tomatoes. Etiovoschi working on an empty stomach, as well as persimmon.

yeast. Pripoedanii yeast rolls or other yeast products in zheludkevyrabatyvayutsya stomach gases, so it starts to swell, which is not very nice.Not advised to have an empty stomach pastries - it prinesetvred your health.

Yogurt. Everyone says that yogurt contains a lot of beneficial bacteria that help pischeperevarivatsya.But if these bakteriipopadut the stomach on an empty stomach, the gastric juice will destroy them, and no polozhitelnogoeffekta you do not hold your breath.Therefore yogurt fasting is not harmful, but simply useless.Try to eat it only after eating.

Sweet potatoes. It contains tannins, which help gastric sokuvydelyatsya, because of what we are starting to feel very uncomfortable.

Smoked and canned , of course, it is best not to drink at all ever, and even more so on an empty stomach.

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