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Flavonoids - superveschestva for health and beauty

flavonoidahvpervye talked about in 1936, when scientists identified hesperidin (a substance similar to rutin and quercetin).Over the past hundred years, science has learned bolee150 kinds of flavonoids and their number is constantly increasing.Uchenyeklassifitsiruyut these plant components into 5 groups: flavovony, flavonoids, caffeic acid, catechins, antotsianidy.Each type performs its task, but all of them together can provide complete effektivnostflavonoidov in general.For katehinyprepyatstvuyut formation of cholesterol plaques, but already split settled Nastenko vascular plaque can only quercetin.Flavonoids are not vyrabatyvayutsyav body, but to provide its full range of flavonoids, dostatochnoupotreblyat eating different vegetables and fruits.

to neoshibitsya in the selection, we offer you to explore the benefits of each vidaflavonoidov.

Prirodnoeveschestvo catechin contained in the leaves and fruits of many plants.Especially a lot of young shoots katehinav acacia catechu, whereby matter and

received svoenazvanie.In an industrial scale catechin produce only chaynyhlistev and at home is only pamper your stomach grapes, quince, plums, cherries, strawberries and cranberries, apricots and peaches.Konechnozhe, do not forget about the tea, but the catechins in green tea is much more than rough.Catechins - the strongest antioxidants, they accelerate the metabolism isposobstvuyut early energy consumption.Knowing this dignity catechins, women necessarily include green tea and other foods rich in dietary substance etimprirodnym menu.In addition, since the activity of catechins vysokoybiologicheskoy their use in the treatment of edema and diseases of capillaries sosudistyhproiskhozhdeny: they increase the elasticity stenokkapillyarov and regulate their permeability.Without catechins can not do and what ktostradaet from high cholesterol.Catechins absorbs cholesterol and etopozvolyaet say that the risk of heart attack, atherosclerosis and thrombosis etoveschestvo significantly reduces.

flavonones (water-soluble substances of vegetable origin) contains the most vrasteniyah citrus family and Rosaceae.They also synthesized vorganizme human.That is why it is important to use enough kolichestvoproduktov that contain flavonones.Record for content flavononov- white shell, which is hidden under the skin of citrus fruits.There are substances pepper, black currant, lemon, rose hips and hawthorn berries.Raznovidnostflavononov hesperidin (found only in orange juice) umenshatlomkost capable of capillary blood vessels, and his fellow naringin (flavonoidgreypfrutovogo juice) has a positive effect on blood composition.In addition, without the above-mentioned substances can not do the treatment and prevention of torture katarakty.Esli manifestations of herpes, you should take the same time flavonones svitaminom S.

One izpredstaviteley flavonol is quercetin.You can find it in all sortahvinograda, olives, onions, and even chocolate.This component is capable unichtozhatsvobodnye radicals (they cause tumors and vascular occlusion).Of course, chocolate is very high in calories, but at the same time it perfectly reduces "bad" cholesterol and maintain "good".

vinogradeest In another type of flavonoid - antotsianidy.They are also common vrastitelnom the world and hiding under the skin, in the pulp and seeds and berries.Dostatochnoekolichestvo them in the bark of pine trees, cranberries, blueberries.When you eat foods rich antotsianidami, strengthens collagen and elastin fibers and etopreduprezhdaet premature aging of the skin.Doctors also believe that etoveschestvo inhibits the activity of genital herpes and inhibits vospalitelnyeprotsessy in the body.

zaversheniiparu In the words of the red wine: it contains just 3 types of flavonoids.In viduetogo wine - medicinal value.Moreover, it is useful to red - with egoizgotovlenii preserved peels.By judicious use of the drink rezkosnizhaetsya the likelihood of blood clots, teeth and gums are zaschischennymiot various diseases.

How chastonuzhno eat foods rich in flavonoids?As often as this trebuetorganizm, because he regulates the amount flavonoidov.Edinstvennoe, do not overdo it with concentrated extracts, kotoryeproizvodyatsya industrial scale.It is best to consult a doctor and receiving the funds in accordance with instructions.