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Fasting: harm or benefit?

Nowadays there are many methods of fasting, but we will not describe them, and look into the essence of the issue.

starvation when excess weight
hunger and doctors agree on one opinion - prolonged fasting is not a way to lose weight.There are several reasons for this.First, when a person refuses to eat, it does not lose fat cells and fluid.The organism is in a state of stress, "understands" that feed it are not collected, and keeps the fat as long as possible.

metabolism during fasting slows down and when you return to a normal diet there is a high probability that the exhaustion dial excess fat "in reserve", so dumped kgs back quickly and "friends."Doctors, nutritionists explain that the purpose of fasting is beneficial to lose weight can only be short-term, 24-36 hours.It should be wisely and out of this period of refusal of food.

Fasting as a means of detoxifying

To understand Will fasting to cleanse the body, is not so simple, in fact, many experts argue that we do not need special cleaning,
as a healthy body copes with this problem myself.Derivation function harmful substances from the body operate: the skin, liver, kidney, lymph nodes and gut.

Also, many experts argue that the lifestyle and nutrition of modern man contributes to the accumulation of toxins in the body that can lead to diseases such as diabetes, depression and many others.According to these doctors, fasting helps to get rid of unwanted toxins and toxins that have accumulated in the fat cells through short-term starvation.

Fasting as a way to prolong the life of
Long-term animal studies have shown that individuals who consumed less food lived longer.There have also been experiments which showed that the alternation of starvation regime of moderate diet significantly affects life expectancy, which also makes much better.

People who practice fasting, confident that with the help of non-food may cure many diseases.Many know the stories as due to long fasting people cope with heart disease, intestinal diseases and even tumors.

There is the opinion of some therapists that keeping short-term fasting can overcome depression and stress.But you need to start fasting 6-8 hours of fasting, gradually increasing the time to 24-48 hours.

If weighing the "pros" and "cons" you do decide to fast, then it is necessary to visit a doctor and undergo a complete examination.To reduce the possibility of any complications, fasting should kontrolirovatsya paramedic.You'll also need to decide for what purpose you want to give up food, because according to this, the doctor can make the adjustment.

And remember!Absolutely can not fasting at:
  • heart failure
  • muscle atrophy
  • kidney disease
  • hepatitis
  • pregnancy.

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