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White tea for weight loss

Harvest white tea - early spring.In sostavurozhaya are buds and young leaves of the plant Camellia Sinensis, kotoryeobladayut light sweet aftertaste.This plant has many years kultiviruyutna in China and India.Big kolichestvoantioksidantov composed of white tea attributed to its minimum termicheskoyobrabotkoy.After all, this kind of treatment contributes to the loss of tsennogoveschestva contained in tea - catechin.Fully mature leaves of Camellia Sinensisispolzuyut chernogoi in manufacturing varieties of green tea.

Substances white tea caffeine and catechins

recommendations and indications for use of white tea to fight slishnim weight based on the fact that it includes a small kolichestvokofeina (compared with green, black or red tea)Conversely, bolshoekolichestvo catechins polyphenols, which help to burn fat, vyzyvayaprotsess thermogenesis.These properties of white tea allows authors to "International Journal of Obesity" recommend this drink as a key vprotsesse weight loss.

According to the journal "Nutrition and Metabolism" methylxanthine, which is part of the white tea promotes fat breakdown iuvelichivaet energy consumption of the body.With regards to the polyphenols, the main role igraetepigallokatehin-3-gallate.This substance helps to reduce obrazovaniyanovyh fat cells by blocking the participation of triglycerides.Drugimislovami active substances included in the white tea, significantly reduces the formation and deposition of body fat stores.

role of white tea vdiete

Strict diet - a very serious test, kotoroesposobny withstand a few.Case in limiting nutrients and kaksledstvie - increasing appetite.The result - the result of all the diet will come to "no" .Chashechka white tea during each meal helps reduce appetite ichuvstvo hunger, reduce cravings and help in osuschestvleniikontrolya size portions of food absorbed.Along with white chaemrekomenduetsya used spices and condiments that target naborbu overweight.

Big Assistant vborbe overweight

In 2009, "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition" published an article that covered the positive rezultatyeksperimentov with white tea.The author, an American doctor KevinMaki, argued that there is a direct relationship between the concentration of catechins vchae and the process of shedding weight.

The experiment involved men who drank diet prinizkokaloriynoy green and black tea.After desyatinedelnogosroka turned out that a group of men who drank green tea lost in extra padding dvaraza greater than the alternative.Contents vzelenom tea catechins was 660 mg, and in black - 22 mg.The index of average weight was 0.25 poterinedelnogo kg.

White tea and egopoleznye properties

catechins contained in tea help ukrepleniyuimmuniteta, mutations and prevent the aging process.One of the experts popitaniyu Oncology Institute, based in Washington, Demeter Uitmorschitaet that white tea polyphenols lower cholesterol, thin the blood izaschischayut male body from prostate cancer.

In 2004, employees of the Manhattan University sdelalizayavlenie that white tea has antiviral and antibakterialnymdeystviem.

How pravilnozavarivat white tea

white tea brewing process requires compliance osobyhpravil.One of them presented to the water temperature, which zalivaetsyazavarka.It should not exceed 800 C. If you can not izmerittemperaturu thermometer, then after boiling should give it a little cool, but it is about 5-10 minutes.

Security prezhdevsego

Pregnant women should be very careful in eating.Belyychay for them is one of the safest beverage as caffeine razreshennoechislo pregnant is not more than 100 mg per day.Adoption kofeinav high doses, according to the "British Medical Journal" sposobstvuetznachitelnomu weight loss in a newborn.

beverages having an invigorating effect, protivopokazanylyudyam with nervous disorders, as well as suffering from a disease pochek.Deystvie caffeine expressed as nausea, increased anxiety, deterioration in the quality of vision, headaches and disorders of the heart deyatelnosti.Bely tea contains a small amount of harmful substances.

Do not mix white tea with other drinks ipoteryaet its delicate taste and aroma.In addition, it will lose some of its poleznyhsvoystv.Please note that tea, which is sold in plastic bottles, it lost 90% of its catechins and is not useful and recommended a drink.

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