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What shoes fashion this season for teens

Of course, here we should start with the favorite and comfortable shoes, which give their preference to most of the teenagers - this shoe.This season, fans of sports shoes to change it too much is not necessary.This is always sports shoes, as high and low-soled shoes.Which will be an original look, not only with a sports apparel steles, but with everyday youth clothing (jeans, shorts, skirts).The hit of this year, will be among the sneaker soles rounded a smooth convexity of its foundation.

Colors can be very diverse.Lace, various inserts - all the usual complement the sporty look of shoes.Welcome as leather and imitation leather.

If you going to the disco, and you want to look fashionable all, then why not buy shoes.They have not lost their relevance in the season, but on the contrary occupied most of the branded shoe shops windows for teens.Their feature this season - a high heel and platform sole.Heel height can vary from 10 to 15 centimeters, the standard wedge within 2 centimeters.Heel shape - a

thin heel and pin-like or it may simply be a high wedge heel.By the way, it would be appropriate to mention the fact that much high heel this year is the most fashionable hit, both in winter and spring, summer and autumn collection youth footwear.The material from which made shoes this year - it's always fashionable and popular leather and imitation leather.There may be as suede, as lacquer and matte surface.Still, it should be said that this season allowed various colors in the selection of shoes and sandals that matched quite well with the youth fashion, which usually involves a lot of colors.By the way, shoes, for example, black may have bright red soles and it does not embarrass anyone, but rather emphasize your trendy and stylish.The undisputed favorite of fashion footwear for teens, will also be well known and favorite pumps.However, they are slightly modified and the sole basis for acquiring a significant platform.The figures on the shoe, its popularity will find a bright abstract image.For summer youth fashion sandals drawings will be considered bright flower with a massive range of decorations in the form of a flower, or a bow normal lacing.With regard to the latter, just long braids is the last word in the world of tomorrow's season footwear for the younger generation.These cords can be neotemnym attribute not only the summer version and winter and autumn boots or shoes.Speaking of boots, this season the girls, do not hide in the back burner, the, last year's boots.They will find a niche in the fashion a second wind.Also in the shoe fashion broad and confident steps back material such as suede.Winter boots should certainly be of suede and then you really will feel the most fashionable.Actual color of boots this season: red, brown, black, gray and beige, and allowed bright modern colors.Do not forget about the shoes.Elegant, lace, and without it, just above the ankle.High heels, wedges or low soles, with a little bit rounded toe, they will long remind yourself for the coming season.They are also allowed in any color.Summer 2011 girls must meet in sandals on a massive heel or platform.Also, if you acquire yourself comfortable shoes on a low move - do not lose.Sandals and flip flops is what we need.Especially for teenagers, they also represent a diverse world of color.So we figured out what shoes fashion this season for teens.

As for the characteristics of Adolescent shoes this season, it is necessary to pay attention to fashion detail below.Open-toed shoes, which in turn will be able to replace your summer sandals precisely, what we need this season.Heel may be as rude wide and thin (pin floor), but in the first and second case, the height should be at least 6 centimeters.It is also not out of fashion low sole.Shoe designers noticeably lost with a platform, and now it gradually develops into a heel (high tankette).Believe me, the last - this is the apogee of the fashion world.Still, a lot of it is important that the heel can significantly modify by changing various original form and construction.This may be a spike heel or markedly curved with dressing.It can be particularly "his" pattern or color that is very peculiar, will complement the youth style shoes.Professionally Decorated shoes for boys this season is full of notable works of the free flight of fancy.In the winter, spring and autumn shoes, this is the above mentioned lace, fur or wool cuffs.Shoes, shoes and old shoes, will have a significant decorative nalepki as bows, lace and all the same laces and buckle straps around the legs and massive snake in the form of jewelry.Front high socks, a little tangy, and, at the same time, rounded.Freestyle and bold colors, this season compared to the atomic explosion in the world of flowers.Now, on your feet, you'll be able to put on shoes of any color that, in accordance help you in choosing colorful clothes.With the game of colors you will be much easier to express their feelings and emotions, and changes every day.What is so important for teenage world.

way, boots and ankle boots now, are relevant not only in the winter.In the summer it will be very important, if you buy yourself knit summer boots with low soles.Any color is allowed.Still, should take note that the ballerina on a flexible and firm as the sole all fashionable and relevant.And these shoes are you feel the most fashionable teens.

From all the above we can conclude that the footwear fashion for teens this season does not much different from the fashion of yesteryear.Changed minor details, and the meaning of the old left, which we could observe in the youth fashion season 2010 collection.

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