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How to choose a children's shoes?

One of the problematic issues will melt, "How to choose the right shoes for children?".

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Having to shop for brand new shoes, we are usually faced with a choice.Since the shelf just made to shoes, from different manufacturers to suit all tastes and budgets.In order to make the right choice you need to remember a few important rules.Firstly, it is not necessary to save on children's shoes, even if it is the usual slippers, and especially shoes, but do not pursue a high price.After all, the price does not always mean quality.Buy shoes only those manufacturers who specialize in such footwear.These manufacturers take into account all the specifics of the design models, not just stamped shoes small size.Chosen shoes should match the size of the feet, not reap, not smack and sit tight on the leg.If you want to take the "room for growth", the allowable difference in the size of the floor, taking into account the possibility of good fixation shoe on the foot.It is best to choose shoes with a s

imple buckle that the child would not arise with her difficulties.If you take children's shoes with lacing - it is better that they would be provided with a lock, or do it yourself.Necessary clips can be purchased in stores with clothing accessories.Among the materials is certainly better to give preference to natural leather, even at a cost, and it is expensive, but this will depend on the health of your child - it means not to save.

These were general recommendations, and now in order.

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first sign by which we choose things - appearance.Children's shoes just were not that exception.Therefore, coming into the store, the first thing to pay attention to the shoes that you like in appearance.Next, look at the manufacturer, let the baby to measure and verify that it's really good.Previously, parents greater preference for foreign shoes, but the current domestic production does not lag far behind Western.Therefore, many began to support domestic producers, especially because these shoes are usually cheaper.

follows that you should take into account that the main criterion of Children's Fashion - is convenience and comfort.If adults disperse from the shelves of fashionable pointy model, it should not apply to a child whose leg is just beginning to take shape.Kick the shoes where the foot and toes will be in its natural, free-standing, without any hesitation.

shoes should be soft and easy to adapt to the anatomical shape of the foot.Importantly, what would the material from which made shoes, allow the leg to breathe and at the same time do not absorb moisture in the middle.


Often during fitting children can not independently assess the fully comfortable in their shoes or not, so it should take care of the parents.Choosing baby shoes should be with the expectation of the purpose of their further use.If you take the shoes on every day - better to give preference to closed shoes to be well fixed to the leg.If this richly-output version - is more focused on attractive appearance, not forgetting the required characteristics.Not bad, if such children's shoes will have the same fixation.

Just do not leave without attention to the flexibility of the sole.Did not hesitate prisognut your chosen shoe in the direction from the toe to the ankle.So you determine what kind of resistance have shoes that in the future could affect the protection of the legs when jumping on a hard surface.Usually in such landings, can cause personal injury and deformation of bones and joints.Well cushioned sole will help fuse.

choosing shoes heels, the next thing would be the sole is not too thin.In other cases, the thinner sole shoes children have - the better.

Experts recommend children to choose shoes with a small heel and arch support and a relatively large area of ​​the sole.This will help form a correct gait, feet on the ground, and not overwhelm back when walking.

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Few people know that the convenience of the chosen footwear will also depend on what part of the day it was bought.This dependence can be justified by the fact that our feet tend to increase in the evening.The difference is not large, but still significant.So our feet 5% by volume, about 3 mm.longer and somewhere. 1 cm more in width.So if you want to buy baby shoes, which he can spend the whole day and not feel much discomfort - purchase plan for the afternoon.Do not forget to take into account the natural deformation of the legs under the weight of a body and shoes are always measured in the standing position.

Do not rush to buy the shoes back to back, but do not give preference to the shoe two sizes larger.First, you risk a month to go for a new pair, as the baby's legs is growing rapidly.Secondly, most shoes will cause slipping when walking, and consequently injure the foot.The maximum difference in the "plus" that you can afford, determined the thickness of a little finger of an adult, or about 1 cm. Measure the distance from the tip is to the fingers of the child.

requires special attention right choice of children's shoes for children in which there are deviations in the locomotor system.For these needs there is a special children's orthopedic shoes.The main objective of this obuvki - the correct formation of a physiological setting joints, feet, and prevention of disorders of the foot and musculoskeletal system.

Every parent wants to give their child only the best, knowing these little rules, you can easily fulfill his desire in life.And let your baby grow healthy and active.