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How to choose baby shoes

From the first days of baby shoes replaced with warm socks or soft booties peculiar.The first sign that it's time to think about this footwear becomes firm standing on legs, and a desire to toddler to run somewhere.This usually happens to a year before this time, doctors do not recommend the baby shoe, except stayut cases when detected foot pathology, and should be sent to the formation in the right direction.

So let's talk about how to choose baby shoes, and that we should pay attention to parents.


Coming in modern shoe store, we often get up before a difficult choice.After all, around the shelves, from top to bottom, lined with a variety of models of children's shoes, and it seems that choose baby shoes is simply impossible.But there are some rules that should be followed.

originally going for such an important purchase all forget about fashion trends, styles and innovations.Shoes Your child must first be comfortable, practical, and not harm his leg, and then later a beautiful and stylish

.Ossification baby leg only reaches the age of six, and choosing the wrong footwear will promote the formation of a respective foot wrong that in the future will melt the root cause of many diseases.

first baby shoes should be chosen such that it was not close, but it was not large with the obligatory presence of the backdrop.Shoes should hold well on the leg and did not hamper the movement remains.Even if you home Shine, should follow these rules.Therefore excluded any kind of a slap, as it is inconvenient for the crumbs, as well as prevents proper formation of the legs, allowing the heel to turn out one side.It should also be take care to keep your feet in the new baby shoes selected are protected from mechanical damage, provide a favorable climate, as well as to match the physiological and anatomical needs and characteristics.

Please note that shoe sole has a soft, flexible and elastic.Such soles allow your child walking shod, make the same movements as when walking barefoot.An important fact is the presence of a small shoe heel.Such heels serve to artificially improve the arch, while increasing properties with springs.Also, the presence of a heel shoes increase the wear resistance and protects the heel bruises.Do not buy the shoes or shoes with a tapered toe.Shoes for a baby to be broad and ample finger socks to prevent deformation of the fingers, and keep the best stability feet, by increasing the area of ​​the sole.Available in shoe orthotics necessarily only in case if you got a doctor's recommendation.If the baby is healthy leg, just arch support.It looks like a small bump instep on the inner edge of the sole.Its presence helps to lift the longitudinal arch of the foot and helps the correct fixing small foot.And most importantly, they should not miss the attention of parents - is the right size feet.

choosing shoe size, the main parameters of the length of the sole, he ceases tip of the thumb, to the acting space on the heel.As well as the completeness of the foot.Usually manufacturers who specialize in children's shoes, exchanges are presented with a difference of half a size, as well as shoes for a wide, medium and narrow leg.This is to ensure that did not arise on the leg abrasions.After all, if the shoes of some of the parameters is very high, the baby's foot will not sit tight, hence the shuffling of heels that will soon lead to injury.Tight shoes are sure to bring discomfort, and promote the formation of the wrong toes.Therefore, many believe that the kiddies to be taken back to back shoes.But it's just not right.The ideal situation would be the shoes for 1 cm more positions.You can check this "by eye", put his finger into the fitting between the backdrop and the promenade.The distance should be leveled width of a little finger of an adult.This rule applies to both the choice of winter and summer shoes.The reason is physiological characteristics of foot.Typically, the legs tend to swell in the summer and increase in size, and in the winter you need a space for extra socks, insoles, and how to create an empty space, a warming effect.


material from which made shoes - another important element of the concept of shoes is about the quality of the skin.Shoes for any season should be "breathable", made of high quality and durable material.Synthetics, used for manufacturing of shoes, does not impair its appearance, and sometimes even superior to natural materials on the attractiveness and variety of pans models, but such footwear is often fragile, watertight, does not give a full leg ventilation.Therefore it is better to pay a little more expensive, but buy a genuine leather or suede.To determine the quality of the material is not enough to do more complex manipulations:

- press a finger on the nose of the shoes or shoes - if there was a fine mesh of small wrinkles, and at the time of straightened - a natural material, and of good quality;

- smell - the skin should smell like leather, not glue, rubber or have other unpleasant odor;

- Firmly press a hand to the shoes - if the material is quickly heated up and became warm - it's leather.

Just pay attention to the seams, buckles and soles.Legs in shoe nothing should interfere.Do not forget also about the proper care.After all, even the smallest shoes longer maintain its quality, if take care of it.Therefore, together with the purchase of the first slippers and buy appropriate means to care for new clothes.

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