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Choose a suit for the kid


malenkihdetok For the best option - the warm envelope with fur hood.Envelope good kid and serve warm protection vprohladnuyu, windy weather.Most of these envelopes to sew ispolzovaniemovchiny or faux fur.Sheepskin - a warm material, it is better uderzhivaetteplo, but its cost is slightly higher.Alternatively, you can ispolzovatkombinezon on fluff.It is quite warm, lightweight, comfortable and sewn sispolzovaniem environmental material.The overalls with sinteticheskimnapolnitelem child will feel as comfortable.

Mnogieroditeli choose for their kids model overalls that mozhnoperestegivat.They can be easily transformed into panties.It is very convenient and practical.

Neposedamot year to three

This age is characterized by active razvitiemmalyshey, so things should be selected more carefully.Do not buy kombinezonslishkom large (for growth), but at the same time, it should not hamper or zatrudnyatdvizheniya baby.Parents can choose fused or razdelnyyvariant.

Until two years old baby can ispolzovatslitny suit equipped with two zippers.It is convenient to use ilegko worn.The child will also be interesting to make the first attempt, chtobysamostoyatelno put it on.While walking a jumpsuit dastsnegu not fall under a jacket in the fall of the baby.

Variantrazdelnogo suit handy if you are heading to the store.That was not hot in the store jacket can be removed.

material ispolzuemyypri sewing must be lightweight and waterproof.Overall with a water-repellent protection, a very good fit in the rainy-season snow, and for games on the hill.Stirattakuyu clothes often there is no need, as the dirt is practically non-adherent to the surface.

When buying a suit is worth a look, to have a protective sleeve ishtanishki gum.Etoposluzhit barrier from falling snow on your clothes and body of the baby.It is better to choose a suit filled iskusstvennymmaterialom.It dries quickly and is easy to wash.

Inquisitive kiddies three and older

Children over three years, become more self-sufficient, so they should choose separate kit.Available in polukombinezonelyamok allow it to adjust the size of the child and give him a few seasons vozmozhnostispolzovat.Visiting the clinic, you can remove tolkoverhnyuyu jacket, the baby does not sweat.In case of contamination can be subjected to washing or separately tolkokurtku bib.

Pokupayakombinezon, look to the selected models of the neck of the child is securely protected from vetravorotnikom jackets, and the length of the jacket should reach to mid-thigh.


Rate external vidveschi and see what kind of material was used for her tailoring.In kachestveverhnego layer suit the following materials: nylon, polyester, Cordura, Bologna.This water-repellent fabric, with good prochnostnymipokazatelyami and high socks.Cordura - a modern material in the market, kotoryyshiroko used when sewing the top children's clothing.

dolzhnyvyglyadet Our children are bright and beautiful, so do not clothe them in dull gray-chernyetona.Prefer fun and juicy shades, with an abundance of yarkihapplikatsy, embroidery, jewelry made of reflective elements, strips and fasteners.

When pokupkekombinezona child obyazatelnosopostavlyayte qualitative characteristics of the price.Do not chase the Search cheapness of good quality.

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