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Milk drinking is harmful?

Talk about the role of milk in pitaniilyudey should start with the fact that it is intended by nature for vykarmlivaniyadetenyshey.At the genetic level provided for each type of mlekopitayuschihimet its own milk, cow's milk fed calves, milk -kotyata cats, milk a woman - her children.And our genetic code pozvolyaetpischevareniyu not fully digest and absorb milk from "matrons" drugogovida.Cubs stop feeding mother's milk when they vpischevaritelnom path disappears rennet enzyme for rasschepleniyamolochnogo protein - casein.But casein is not absorbed unsplit detskimorganizmom.Our kids this is the age of three.They nachinayutotkazyvatsya milk, and parents did not understand the reasons for this failure, force children to drink, sweetened, added to the porridge.Thus, onibukvalno fraud taste buds child and by force pytayutsyapriuchit child's body to the milk.

Nutritionists say categorically that seventy-five percent of the world's population can not digest moloko.Poluchaetsya that contrary to popular belie

f it is the ability perevarivaniyamoloka is an exception to the rule.Most people nablyudaetsyaponizhenny levels of lactase, responsible for the breakdown of the milk sugar lactose.Because of this non-cleavable and lactose is not absorbed into the bloodstream, but remains in the intestines, nachinaetprityagivat the water.Man begins to purge from the milk.Lack lactase also causes, chtokishechnye bacteria begin to ferment lactose.This leads to increased gas production.Rasstroystvopischevareniya causes diarrhea, bloating, cramping, and may lead to health drugimproblemam potentially affecting the cardiovascular system imnogoe more.

Lauren Slayton - Specialist zdorovomupitaniyu of Food Trainers- The studies concluded that there molokegeneticheski modified cows hormones such as RBGH and RBST (dlyauvelicheniya administered to cows milk production), which can affect a woman's body simply,up to shade kozhivynashivaemogo fetus in pregnant women.Furthermore, hormones contained in milk uvelichivayutrisk development of hormone-dependent cancers - breast, prostate, ovaries.Molochnokislyeprodukty cheese and less harmful due to minimal processing and otsutstviyagormonov and antibiotics.Once we had a child separated from materinskoygrudi, our body has no biological Nutritionists debunked traditsionnoemnenie that consumption of dairy products will help us to strengthen kosti.Deystvitelno, milk contains calcium and minerals.But chtobypopolnit daily requirement for calcium, an adult should vypivatne less than 1 liter of milk a day.Not everyone can do it.Moreover, the high protein content in dairy products "acidify" average rNorganizma, and for leveling the imbalance pH leaches calcium from the bones, which naturally weakens them.American doctors have taken out a harsh verdict: molokoyavlyaetsya rich source of animal protein, but it helps otritsatelnomubalansu calcium in the body, which leads to osteoporosis.

stigmatized milk dietologisolidarny different: you can safely eat dairy products.Yogurt, kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt simply indispensable for our body.They are easily digestible and help restore normal bowel function.Zhenschinamnesprosta recommend yogurt as a "miracle food" as the perfect low-fat istochnikbelka and probiotics.Fermented organic foods are easier to digest, chemobychnye milk and fermented products, and positively affect the immune system nawashi.Contained in yogurt probiotics immunostimulatory ibiodostupnye vitamins and minerals, as well as found in the serum laktoferrinpovyshayut body's ability to build up their skeleton.So if vypredpolagaete save in your diet, some dairy products, that mogutbyt some varieties of yogurt.It's no secret chtonailuchshy oygurt - yogurt is homemade.

If you really hotitepolnostyu avoid dairy, Mrs. Slaton tips go to sardines, zelenyeovoschi and beans due to the high content of calcium.As zamenitelyamoloka coffee or oatmeal dietitian offers almond milk, noee know-how - do it yourself jelly special recipe to izbezhatvrednyh additives such as carrageenan.

summary of nutritionists: dairy products are not so necessary in any diet, but in moderation kolichestvahoni not fatal, reasonable consumption is allowed at a healthy pitanii.Poetomu if you thought a balanced diet, regular fizicheskieuprazhneniya, then eat a couple of timesyogurt week (similar to pizza) mozhnobudet without serious harm.Listen to your body and find out how you are sensitive to dairy products.Our ability perevarivatmolochnoe decreases with age.What worked in twenty years, fifty quiescent.You just need to know the composition and origin of your edy.Nikto not perfect, and even if you put every effort dlyapodderzhaniya healthy diet, you can treat yourself and cheese, and ice cream, vesvopros moderation in consumption.

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