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The truth about soy: the benefits and harms

harm to use?

In soybeans contain plant protein, it pokachestvu very close to the proteins contained in eggs, milk and meat.That is why soy so quickly cope with chuvstvomgoloda and does not cause any harm to our figure.Soy protein contains all amino acids that can only be in the animal protein.

If the body will feel the lack etihveschestv, the immune system and may lower blood pressure and takzheaminokisloty we need to update the organs, tissues and cells.So if you're trying to eat tolkorastitelnoy food, be sure to include in your diet foods kotoryesoderzhat soybeans.For example, in Japan ochenmnogo vegetarians, they are a year srednemsedayut 27 kg of soybean, but the Europeans just 3 kg.Krome of experts many years ago told why the Japanese takdolgo live - it is a merit of soybeans on the table.Doctors believe that soy is capable snizhaturoven harmful cholesterol in the blood and prevents onkologicheskihzabolevany.Recently, however, it vremyabyli conducted research and found that in fact, soy and

not uzhsilno useful - to protect against cancers and output holesterinboby can not.

For every person who loves soy, there is a possibility, or rather the risk of buy genetically modified product.It's very simple - on soybean genetics bobahdovolno often make experiments.Worldwide arguing about chtogenno modified foods are safe.But neither the opponents nor supporters neimeyut sufficient number of arguments to come to the same conclusion.

But it is worth remembering that after all the prerequisites of chtoeda may harm, and the truth suschestvuyut.K example, can be said about the US homeland modified foods.Already 20 years where people eat these foods.Kakrezultat - the number of allergy sufferers is increasing every day, and every third rebenokstradaet obesity.Of course not nikakihdostovernyh fact that the cause was just modified food noluchshe protect themselves from this and not to compromise.How do I find modified liprodukt?The label on the etomsvidetelstvuet inscription "Contains GMO", and manufacturers are required to label nanosittakuyu.


We have already sorted out that soy protein mozhetzamenit animal protein, so manufacturers of semi-finished, in order chtobyproduktsiya became cheaper, add soy instead of meat.And as we all know, sometimes it does not improve the palatability of foods.

If you carefully read the label, then smozheteuznat What made sausages.Vsostave If there is such an ingredient as "vegetable protein" that is likely due to oniimeyut soybeans.Moreover, oboznacheniyaE479 and E322 - is also soybeans.It is believed that if meat polufabrikatahsoderzhitsya no more than 20% of soybeans, while the taste is nothing neskazyvaetsya.

Find soybeans in stores can be very redko.Ved before they eat, soybeans need to soak the night, and then neskolkochasov cooking.However, even after takihprodelok taste turns being said, for an amateur.Therefore, soybeans prakticheskinikto buys, but manufacturers have found out - they simply add the beans vsostav other products.For example:

  1. Soevoemyaso.In appearance, it looks like a minced meat or chipsy.Ego usually soaked vvine, milk or water, and then prepared as meat.Thus, 100 grams of soy "stuffing" comes out to about half a kilo of "meat".
  2. Soevyysyr or tofu.It resembles in appearance curd.Some people think that tofu is very fresh, but if it with vegetables and spices fried in olive oil, then poluchitsyaochen delicious.
  3. Yuba.Yuba - this foam from soy moloka.Odnako we know this product as "Korean asparagus", which lies close to the naprilavkah Korean morkovyu.Ona tastes a bit like rubber, but if yubu season uksusomi add spice, you canget a pretty good snack.


Soy sauce necessary to tell apart.Eastern dish hardly do without etogoingredienta.In Japan and China soevymsousom replace salt.

To prepare the conventional soy sauce trebuetsyanemalo time.Soy initially purified, then ground and mixed with milled wheat.When the mixture begins to ferment, neesochitsya of liquid which as a result is collected and filtered.This is the well-known soevyysous.And the sweetness of the sauce depends because much wheat will add to the soy.

But to get the sauce is so necessary bolshegoda.Therefore, to add spetsialnuyuzakvasku that the fermentation process uskoryaet.Takim way, preparing the sauce is not a year, but only one month.And the sauce, which is a year and sousbystrogo cooking tastes no different.However, it must be said chtoproizvoditelyam not on hand to wait even this month, so they are "helping" fermentation acids and alkalis.So vsouse as you know, there are contaminants.So before you buy soy sauce, carefully read what is written on the label.If there is an inscription "estestvennoebrozhenie", then you can safely take.

When choosing sauce pay attention to its color.Remember that the darker the color of the sauce, the more pronounced his taste.Dark sauce goes well with myasnymiblyudami, but you need to be extremely cautious when adding, because mozhnopereborschit and then you hear the taste of meat.The sauce is light-colored fine podhoditk salads, vegetables and fish.

Remember that the sauce of good quality are sold only glass bottles.There's no dolzhnobyt no impurities and sediment, but additional components, for example, peanut or garlic are welcome.

must be said that women who planiruyutrodit baby, you need to give up foods containing soy.In Amerikeuchenye we found that soy soderzhitizoflavony, which can be compared with these contraceptives, so onimogut prevent getting pregnant.

Kudadobavlyayut soybeans?

  • margarine, mayonnaise
  • milk drinks
  • myasnyepolufabrikaty and sausages
  • chocolate candy.

dangerous to izsoi products?

Doctors are constantly debating soevyhproduktov.And they say no tolkoob danger, but also utility.

Scientists say that within a few hours poslepriema products such kroviuluchshaetsya circulation by 50%.Let's see how all useful soybeans.

mozhnoli soybeans have children?

mixtures which are prepared on the basis of soy protein are used in nutrition, kotoryestradayut korovegomoloka protein allergy.Soy products are used from 3 to 9 months, you will need uchityvatpravila destination of products containing soy, to avoid allergies.And it is the task of the doctor.However, do not completely davatsoyu instead of milk because the level of fat in the beans is small, and in the first years of life is not a very good impact on the child.

Useful Informations soybeans for those who want to lose weight?

If a person consumes enough kolichestvobelka, you need to use reduced fat, so weight mozhetuhodit.Natural soy bobysoderzhat minimum number zhira.Esli soon as they are prepared according to the rules - neobhodimopri cook them with steam and water.Their dazheispolzuyut the treatment of obesity.

have also been studies that have shown that if people with a second type of diabetes will eat soy products, tosmogut normalize the fatty acid and protein composition of the diet and carbohydrate metabolism will adjust.

Natural soybeans - a product of natural origin, so they can eat even during Lent.But do not replace conventional soy products because you can deprive the body of necessary substances.

pravdali that soy can not have everything?

Scientists have shown that soy is very useful pozhilymlyudyam.It contains high quality protein, which is perfectly absorbed and ill, it contains substances that prevent the development of osteoporosis.Also, to reduce the risk soyapolezna razvitiyaserdechno disease.Nostoit say that foods containing soy in any case can not be upotreblyatlyudyam who have metabolic uric acid because povyshaetsja soy content in the blood.