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Tastes could not be discussed!

Always eat a porridge and vegetables not hochetsya.Hochetsya big piece of smoked chicken or cake, well, or bar soreshkami.And how not to succumb to this temptation, when every shop peredglazami similar products simply roll?

Physiology of Taste

our taste - a delicate matter.Initially it was necessary to evaluate the quality of food and encourage people to eat what nuzhdaetsyaorganizm.Our sense of taste are divided into several groups: sour, sweet, bitter, salty, tart, and so on.

Bitterness products perceived human retseptoraminegativno.And not without reason.After this reaction saves us from mnozhestvaproblem.It is in the process of evolution.Earlier, people were trying to find novuyupischu, so they could have unknown plants, berries, herbs.We came across terasteniya that bitter, and usually, they are poisonous.That applies zhesamoe sour taste - his rejection can keep a person otiskusheniya eat food overdue.

Basics taste perception laid since detstva.Chasche all our body, we hinted that wh

en he is missing, after nashivkusovye receptors.For example, the salty taste of sodium chloride or inherent obychnoysoli.Sodium is involved in mineral metabolism in nervnyhimpulsov holding and maintaining the osmotic pressure, and hence it is necessary nashemuorganizmu.With his lack of us can draw on salty.

sweet taste does not carry any predusmotritelnyhfunktsy.He's just pleasant to us - and that's the problem.It is because of sladkogomy so often suffer from excess weight.

Rab receptor

All people are different and one can perceive the zheprodukt.Why is that?It depends on many factors.It should be borne in mind that otprirody people have unequal number of taste buds.Therefore, the ihbolshe, the person's susceptibility to food and more varied for him vkusyprodukta.At tea, or wine tasters, such receptors in dvaraza longer than ordinary people.Also plays a significant role and that factor chtovospriyatie products depends on personal experience.If you once otravilismidiyami, it is unlikely you will want to eat them later.Even if they budutotmenno fresh and very appetizing, your body still budetsignalizirovat you about what happened once.

Originally from childhood

basic taste perception are laid we still Vrana childhood.Some people love some products formed eschev womb.If the mother during pregnancy loved to eat apples, curry ilitorty, very good chance that the child will adore these produkty.Simpatiya and attachment to the products also it depends largely on how and chemkormili us in childhood.For example, if the child is always stuffed in detstvesupom and said that it is useful, that is a strong likelihood that stavvzroslym man he will not love soup.

with the sweetness of it all differently.Somehow, no matter how much we vdetstve not eat sweet, none of us did not have an aversion to them.Mozhetpotomu that fed us with candy only when we are well-behaved isdelali something good.Sweets in childhood we were given in ogranichennomkolichestve, so as adults we find comfort in them.That is why the time people diet as frequently break just for dessert, which at vremyapovyshaet mood.

Listen ksvoemu heart

If you are very much wanted any product tovozmozhno your body is trying to hint to you about svoihpotrebnostyah.As we know already, craving for salty often obuslovlenanehvatkoy sodium in the body.If you suddenly wanted black bread tovozmozhno you lack vitamin B. The need for meat indicates nanehvatku iron in the body, eslipotyanulo on seaweed salad - it's time to replenish stocks of iodine.In bananahsoderzhitsya magnesium and potassium, which, incidentally, those substances which stimuliruyutvyrabotku endorphins - the hormones of happiness.

aversion to certain foods may signal Otomi that the body does not need the substances contained in them, and he did not spravlyaetsyas processing.A very striking example - a dislike for milk.Even without looking that it contains a lot of nutrients (protein, calcium, vitamins), some people can not stand him.And all because in their body nevyrabatyvaemogo lactose, which is essential for digestion of dairy products.

If you do not like broccoli, then maybe you're one of tehlyudey who responds to specific glucosinolates contained in etomovosche.American scientists have found that some people taste retseptoryopredelyayut products that have glucosinolates as bitter and unfit kpische.In addition, the substance interferes with the absorption of iodine.There are suggestions chtobrokkoli absolutely do not like the people who live in areas where iodine estnedostatok.

choose and get used

Of course, if you decide to go on a diet, you need to eepriderzhivatsya.But do not exhaust yourself by diets that cause vasotvraschenie.Always listen to your body.After all, it is your bad neposovetuet.If the diet is right for you, then you will easily be able to neyproderzhatsya, if the diet is not for you, then the body will resist and vsetolko complicated.

not like milk?Find alternative.Replace nayogurt, yogurt or cottage cheese, and cheese you can more appropriate.Hate vegetables? Try different varieties and methods for their preparation.If hochetsyasladkogo madly, do not torment yourself and allow yourself to eat one cake.Weight of negone be added, and you feel better.But do not reward yourself with sweets, nezaedayte of stress.Your mood should not depend on the level of blood sugar vvash.Candy can be replaced with dried fruit, honey or corn bread.

If you are plagued by strange taste preferences, tovozmozhno you should seek medical advice.Make analyzes on trace elements iaminoksiloty.Most likely, you have broken the vitamin-mineral complex.

Say fat - no!

turns out that we have another receptor that otvechaetza susceptibility greasy taste.This receptor is found, scientists izfrantsuzskogo University of Burgundy.There is a version that it was due etihretseptorov some people do not like fried food.It is expected that before these receptors induces the person in usloviyahnehvatki eating fatty foods that contain a lot of calories.But no tepernedostatka food, and hence we need these receptors are not needed.Besides, onitolko interfere with the process of our weight loss.Therefore, scientists began to think ANFO as their "turn off."

So cute girl, everyone has different tastes.If you have something you really want, tone to deny yourself this.Perhaps your body so pytaetsyanameknut the lack of important elements for it.But remember - throughout dolzhnabyt measure!

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