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Quinoa - a super-product

Where is the miracle?
quinoa grains, originated in the highlands of the Andes in South America, from ancient times were the main food of the people living in those areas - the present territory of Peru and Bolivia.Before we reached a large number of legends about how in ancient times the Indians living in the Andes, was sacrificed to grow plants, animals and even humans to the gods are not angry at them and sent people to the following year a rich harvest.For millennia, these civilizations worshiped the quinoa, they called this product "chasiya MoMA" - "the mother of all grains".When the soldiers were going on a long journey, then they are required to take the so-called "war balls" - a very nutritious and high-calorie mixture of milled grain quinoa and animal fat.Such edible bulbs can be stored in hot and humid conditions and do not spoil a very long time - up to several months.However, after the 16th century the Spaniards conquered the area, quinoa was slowly but surely supplanted then popular in Euro
pe crops - wheat, barley, oats and rice.But now quinoa took revenge - this grain proclaimed "plant protein" and one of the most easily digestible alternatives to wheat.Since quinoa does not contain gluten, it is an ideal food for people with a tendency to allergic reactions.So there are all preconditions quinoa triumphal march around the world.

way, quinoa is often referred to as grains, but it is not.Quinoa belongs to the family Mariev among prominent representatives of which - we all know spinach, leaf beet and sugar.

first trial
What kind of impression a ready dish - boiled corn?Texture from quinoa porous, light and velvety.It's nice crunch on the teeth, leaving a subtle fragrant walnut finish in the mouth.Quinoa grains come in a variety of colors: red, black, white, beige or brown.

The secret lies in the taste of quinoa to cook it properly.When it comes to quinoa, it is perhaps more important than in the case with other foods.Be sure to put the experiments in cooking with this culture and are looking for different recipes for its preparation, which would open the flavor potential of quinoa.You can follow the example of indeydev that traditionally cooked it with tomatoes and chili peppers.Or do otherwise: boiled corn season with lemon juice, parsley, coriander, and to enhance the nutty flavor, sprinkle with ground almonds.

going to cook quinoa?It's easy: put in a container of 100 grams of beans, it is necessary to pre-wash them in cold water.Pour half a glass of water.A little salt and wait until the water boils, close the lid and cook on a mild heat for about 10 minutes.Now you can start the creative part of cooking with quinoa.Tip: try adding quinoa salad or to dump them sweet bell peppers, watering their tomato sauce with finely chopped basil leaves.Though diverse chameleon, quinoa takes over the external data and the taste of those products with which it is cooked.

times to convince all of the benefits of newfangled food product rather dubious study conducted in haste.But quinoa is irrelevant!You can publicly say that the popularity of quinoa - not a tribute to the modern food to fashion, but over the years verified and confirmed by many scientists fact.

What useful properties are hidden behind a rather unprepossessing view of this plant?
useful not only grain, but the leaves of the quinoa.Unfortunately, the shelf life of the latter is small - only 1-2 days, and this severely limits the possibility of their use in cooking.

Quinoa contains much more protein than other grains, and is one of the largest sources of protein among all the products of plant origin.So it can be safely used as a complete substitute for vegetarians to meat.Quinoa is also a source of nine essential amino acids directly.

One cup of cooked quinoa grain contains 8 grams of protein, 4 g fat, 39 g carbohydrates, 5 grams fiber and 222 calories.

established that the crude grain reduces the risk of various serious diseases, including asthma, stroke and cancer kollorektalnogo.

In the early '90s American scientists to work closely with NASA, received the task - to find a cereal that would have the ideal properties such that it could bring on a long-term space mission, planned to be sent to Mars.And the task was successfully accomplished.This "magic" of grain appeared in the world unknown to most humble plant - quinoa.

Due to its valuable properties, it is able to compete with any cereals.

slimming as interesting
Quinoa long time have adopted the ones who are in a constant struggle for the ideal weight.And it makes sense: a study that conducted in 2006 in the University of Madrid in Spain has shown that quinoa is much better nourishes the body than wheat and rice, and is therefore a great way to control your appetite.