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Cancellation sweet?

not notice sweets shop
Logic dictates that just do not buy at the store sweet.Keep yourself from buying goods in the confectionery department.Think of all the trouble that brings you the use of sweets: favorite dress was a small, ashamed on the beach to show the shape, gym tortured to the point of exhaustion, aching teeth, and so on. D.

Ask family members to help you.Let your will in a difficult position.After moderate consumption of sweets will benefit both children and men.But if your requests go unheeded, then ask them to buy sweets less for yourself.So you will not have seen in a vase and chocolate candies and refrigerated leftovers tempting cake.Do not be tempted to try it all.

reduce the dose of sweet
refuse from smoking is very difficult, but also from the sweet to refuse no less difficult.It would be good if you do not drastically limit the use of sugar and will reduce it to zero gradually.If earlier put in a cup three spoons of sugar, then give up a spoon in a week.

Observe the correct mode of eating.There need at least five or six times a day.But portions must be small.Be sure to breakfast.In the morning the body receives all the necessary material to him to complete the work.If breakfast is correct, then a chocolate snack you do not want.

Replace sugar sweets useful
Dried fruits and honey perfectly replace sugar.If it is difficult to limit the use of glucose, you will help fructose or lactose.This natural sweeteners.A large number of them contain fruit.Do not abuse sodas.

Folk remedies
In Crimea, the grass grows - stevia.It is not difficult to buy in any pharmacy.One leaflet on the teapot will be enough.Tea will be sweet.A faint taste of stevia, many people do not and do not feel.You can put in a little bit of mint tea to remove the taste of grass, if you are very unpleasant.

for a snack - fruit
From the sweetest fruit is considered a white grape.Eat more fresh grapes or raisins.It will help to cope with the "sugar-breaking."The same effect has and sweet carrots.Avoid fruit juices.They added a lot of sugar to flavor.

Tackle favorite thing
Sometimes the craving for sweets occurs at a time when dumaeteo cases coming to perform immediately.Do you like this momentsest sweet.Do not do this!Take care of household chores.Vymoyteposudu, things fall into place, clean the floor, wash the laundry.For this vremyavy forget about bad carbs.The mood has improved markedly, and sweets still lie in the refrigerator.

Contact your doctor
If you are physically very difficult to control the amount of sugary foods are absorbed, it may indicate problems with hemoglobin, metabolic or hormonal.You will be given competent advice on nutrition.

course, do without sweet treats is also impossible.After carbohydrates the body are vital to its proper operation.Carbohydrates, entering the cells, provide us with energy recovery.Sugar helps the production of serotonin.It is also called "the hormone of happiness."But you can not turn the sweet tooth in addiction.Be sure to have serious problems with your health.In recent years, scientists have found out a lot about the dangers of excessive consumption of sugary foods.