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Water Sassi

What is water Sassi?

Water Sassi - ikachestvennoe a new tool that helps in the fight against excess weight.Samoeinteresnoe that this tool does not require special costs and vmeshatelstvpostoronnih people because you can cook it yourself.Napitokochen pleasant taste and smell, and its production does not take a large zatratusily and time.Its effectiveness is to effectively effektana gastrointestinal tract.With Sassi can be modeled figure atakzhe improve health.

History of beverage

As you know, Sassi - etovitaminno-mineral cocktail.Its origin is American roots, as one of the residents of the United States created the original recipe.Zovutizobretatelnitsu Cynthia Sass, and she is a doctor.It Cynthia and podobralavse ingredients and even made them the most optimal combination.Author guided by chtobymaksimalno improve the performance of the gastrointestinal tract: snizitgazoobrazovaniya to accelerate the breakdown of fats and help products metabolizmabystree excrete.But Kaki all drugs, this struc

ture also has its side effects.But they can hardly takovyminazvat as they lie in the fact that many times improve sostoyanievolos and skin, as well as optimally saturate the body with the necessary kolichestvomzhiznenno necessary liquid.Why is it such an effect called pobochnymeffektom?Because Cynthia and was hoping for a similar result, kotoryyoshelomil not only her, but now, and people of all countries of the world.

obychnogodopolneniya all started from a normal diet called "flat tummy."But istecheniinekotorogo time the water has become very popular since its staliupotreblyat ingredients separately from the diet.

classic recipe water Sassi

snadobyavozmite To prepare 2 liters of spring water.If you can not get such, the nakrayny case, you can use bottled drinking water iliotfiltrovannoy.Next is to buy fresh ginger root and tschatelnoizmelchit it to form a slurry.You should get gotovayasubstantsiya 1 tablespoon.Also, take a cucumber and clean it from the skin, then slice of medium size.And the final ingredient stanetmyata: 10-12 peppermint leaves.

method for preparing

Put sobrannyeingredienty in one container and then fill it with water, but before that rukamitschatelno porazryvayte mint leaves into small pieces.All sostavpostavte on the lowest shelf vholodilnik and leave to infuse for 10-12 hours.The most vygodnymvariantom will prepare a mixture of the evening and put it on the night.It vremyadaetsya to the diffusion process came into effect.Diffusion helps vitamin various trace elements blend together with water.This way vaspoluchitsya refreshing cocktail that will not only save on hot days, but prietom and bring other benefits.But do not expect too much saturation otnapitka, although it is not devoid of pleasant taste.

recipe for citrus

For this you will need vilakokteylya again 2 liters of water (purified, bottled, spring).Further, mandarin, lemon (you can substitute orange) - all vkolichestve 1 piece.And the leaves of sage, lemon verbena and mint.

method for preparing

Citrus stoithorosho and leaves washed and dried.Then chopped citrus and leaves porvatrukami.All this is formed into a container and filled with water, and then ostavlyaetsyana refrigerator overnight.

How to use water Sassi?

For nuzhnogorezultata should comply with certain rules of admission of water Sassi.On protyazhenii4 days you need a day to drink at least 8 glasses of cocktail.But etomkaloriynost food should not be more than 1400 calories a day.Then sleduetvtoroy phase which consists of 4 weeks.In this time period you mozhetepodnyat calorie intake to no more than 1600 calories.Share your ratsionsleduet 4 receive respectively 400 calories at a time.In your diet vobyazatelnom order to be sources of monounsaturated fatty acids.Prietom such foods that contain salt, sugar and caffeine to a minimum dolzhnysokraschatsya indicator.

Typical applications cocktail

According to experts, vodaSassi good for the body and it is usually applied.But you sleduettschatelno follow the quality of the products (ingredients).First chemnachat mix all substance, make sure that you are well washed ifrukty vegetables and leaves.In no case do not leave the drink in the sun or indoors vteplom avoid its damage.Storage should be vkuvshine (opaque container).The water can not drink more than 4 liters per den.Esli exceed the norm, the additional burden on the kidneys and heart mozhetdat bad consequences, and thus strongly stretched stomach.For odinraz should not drink more than one cup: do temporary break mezhdupriemami.To avoid swelling drink the water for 1.5 hours before bedtime.You can not drink tea ikofe, replace them with water as they contain a lot of gas.Also, when priemepischi not forget to reduce the portions.

If you have an allergy naotdelnye ingredients or chronic diseases that are water mozhetsprovotsirovat or worsen, first go through a consultation with a doctor.