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Top 10 foods that can improve mood

1. Berries
antioxidants in berries, support the normal functioning of the brain and improve cognitive function.Because of this, the berries are able to effectively deal with depression.Therefore, when watching TV or when you are sad - replaces the traditional popcorn for frozen blueberries.It will fill you with a sense of happiness, as well as prevent premature aging.

2. Chocolate
Dark chocolate helps the brain to produce endorphins, which gives a person a feeling of joy and happiness.The name "endorphin" is derived from the concept of "endogenous morphine", that is produced within the body.It has long been observed that people suffering from depression or something much frustrated eat a lot of food that brings them pleasure, that is, increases the level of morphine.Many unlucky gentlemen, bringing his girlfriend to tears, she pulled a candy bar, and that eating it has to cheer up smiling at him.So chocolate - not only delicious taste, but also emergency downer.The darker the chocolate, the better
!This increases the level of serotonin, which creates a few hours a feeling of well-being.This slows down the production of stress hormones, as they say, "with soul fell like a stone."

3. Green tea
wise Chinese for thousands of years, and drink green tea are well aware of its medicinal properties.There are a lot of antioxidants, amino acids and L - theanine, which is already recognized as an effective means to deal with stress and oppressive anxiety.Regular consumption of green tea gives a feeling of well-being.This green tea instead of strong coffee, doctors recommend that those who work requires high mental effort, it improves memory, but most importantly - increases the tone and mood.

4. Bananas
population of so-called "banana republics", which in addition to bananas and there there is nothing different extreme cheerfulness and good health.And all this thanks to eating bananas in any form and in unlimited quantities.Not for nothing are on the menu in all the diets - no calories, but the mood is excellent.Tryptophan, which is found in abundance in bananas, is needed to produce the well-known "happiness hormone" - serotonin.In pharmacology tryptophan used in the manufacture of drugs for the treatment of depression and insomnia.And then do not need any pills - bananas themselves are excellent stimulant, improves mood and banishes insomnia.And you can eat them raw, and in a variety of cocktails, but the main thing - that they were constantly in use.

5. Sardine
noted that the lack of omega - 3 and omega-6 stimulates increased susceptibility to depression compared with people who have normal levels of fatty acids in the body.Sardines are extremely rich in them, respectively, the regular use of these tasty fish can provide brain activity and maintain a good mood.

6. Avocado
Eating avocados in all possible culinary guises (salads, cocktails, so just eat a piece!) Great influence on the health and gives positive energy.The avocado contains a lot of healthy fats, which increase the hormone levels of dopamine and endorphins.That is, the avocado is triggered by analogy with chocolate - and ate a piece of cheerful.

7. Bird
not like bananas - Eat a slice of turkey or chicken.All the same, the mood rises.As in bananas, they contain tryptophan, increasing serotonin levels.In addition, the meat of turkey and chicken present the amino acid tyrosine, leading to a more effective response to stress.Tyrosine is a part of the important neurotransmitters norepinephrine and dopamine, actively influencing emotions.The same dopamine drugs have analogues such as amphetamine or ecstasy.So we get a simple chain of consumption: eat more chicken - increase consumption of tyrosine and raise the level of serotonin - automatically increases your mood - prophylactically to prevent in a long time depression.

8. green stuff
ingested herbs can shoot a bad mood and fatigue, postpone the background all anxious foreboding.This is facilitated by numerous acids contained in green, for example, green onions and spinach.Importantly, green stuff is full of folic acid and magnesium.They not only provide the proper functioning of nerves and muscles, but also to maintain the required minimum of magnesium in the body, which will be reduced below the level of serotonin, which can cause depression.

9. Eggs
raise mental attitude can be using eggs.They contain a lot of vitamin D, which stimulates the production of "happiness hormone" - serotonin.This is a positive virtue eggs do a good job in dealing with depression in the winter season, when the population will be exposed to seasonal affective disorder, which is figuratively called "winter blues."Regular consumption of eggs will greatly improve the state of mind.

10. Walnuts
These nuts - a truly pantry amino acids and chemicals which are needful for our organism.Here there is a list of all the antioxidants and other substances necessary for the synthesis of enzymes, uplifting.A dozen walnuts a day can reduce cholesterol and improve blood circulation, which will be a good addition to the ensuing sense of well-being.

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