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10 of the most popular Italian dishes

10 most popular Italian dishes
  1. Bruschetta .This is a traditional Italian dish, which is prepared very often, and consider it vulgar.Nowadays bruschetta - this antipasto appetizer that is usually served to all the main dishes, as it is believed that it raises appetite.Bruschetta differ from toast and sandwiches that before they fry, they are very well dried in the pan without oil or gridiron.
  2. Chicken Parminyana .This is a very tasty dish that is very popular in the regions of Sicily and Campania.To prepare this dish needed chicken and tomato sauce.Chicken baked in the oven with tomato sauce and a natural one of the favorite Italian cheeses - parmesan.
  3. Panini .Panin is a closed sandwich or sandwich.Prepare panini white wheat bread, although the Italians prefer to choose for the job prints.Served hot meal.Filling for panini everyone chooses for himself, but the stuffing is a classic ham, mozzarella, pesto and cherry tomatoes.
  4. Panna Cotta .Translated from the Italian "Panna Cotta" literal
    ly translates as "cooked cream".This Italian dessert has won the hearts of many people, and so you can try almost any restaurant and discover what captured the hearts of our fellow citizens."Panna Cotta" is a classic Italian dessert, which is made from sugar, and cream vanilki.This is a very gentle, easy dessert.
  5. Tramezzino - is a classic Italian Sandwich, or as we called him yet, sandwich, but a triangular form.The options for filling this sandwich a lot, but the most popular among Italians is filling of olives, tuna and prosciutto.
  6. Prosciutto - a classic Italian ham, which are made of ham.Rub poshutto only sea salt and nothing else.
  7. Tiramisu .This Italian dessert won the love of many fans of the sweet, and has become one of the most popular desserts in the world.The main ingredients are the dessert of coffee often use espresso, mascarpone cheese, sugar, eggs and biscuits Savoiardi.
  8. Cookies Savoiardi - it's biscuits, which can be bought off the shelf, but you can prepare yourself.
  9. Tortellini - this classic Italian ravioli.Prepare them from prestnogo dough with cheese, meat and vegetables.The shape of the Italian dumplings remind us of small dumplings.Make them in the form of rings or buds, linking together the corners.
  10. Lasagna is a traditional Italian dish made of puff pastry.Between the layers of dough are placed quite varied, satisfying taste of the filling, and then poured abundantly bechamel sauce.As mentioned, the layers can be to your taste, ranging from meat and meat stew, vegetables, spinach, tomatoes, and so on, and of course add parmesan cheese.
  11. Spaghetti .That Italy is home of pasta, and there is very often served them with tomato sauce.Spaghetti became the basis for many popular Italian dishes.In Italy, the word «spaghetti» is not just noodles, namely well-defined view of Italian pasta.
  12. Pizza .Of course, not to mention in the list of popular Italian dishes pizza, it would be totally wrong.Italian pizza is an open cake round shape, which is coated with melted cheese and tomatoes, often choose exactly mozzarella - a classic of Italian pizza.Now pizza is prepared in almost all countries of the world, but the stuffing everyone chooses for himself.
Italian cuisine is truly exquisite, tasty and popular.Many of them you cook at home or order in restaurants, on this basis we can say that Italian food is extremely popular and has its fans.